Post-Nuclear Deal Iran Bashing

Post-Nuclear Deal Iran Bashing
by Stephen Lendman
It didn’t take long for anti-Iranian elements to step up propaganda war.
Israel’s dirty hands are likely behind reports about Tehran allegedly providing Hamas with millions of dollars to rebuild tunnels its military and complicit Egypt destroyed.
London’s Telegraph reported the story – featuring a menacing-looking propaganda photo. It cited unnamed “intelligence sources.”
It said Iran is replenishing Hamas’ “missile supplies…used to bombard residential neighbourhoods” during Israel’s Operation Protective Edge terror war.
Israeli media published the same report. Clearly it’s to discredit Iran ahead of continuing nuclear talks trying to consummate a final agreement by June 30.
Claiming Iran is helping Hamas militarily implies, with no justification, it’s to attack Israel. 
It can’t be trusted. Leaving its nuclear infrastructure in place threatens Israel’s security. So it must be stopped by killing any final deal with terms Israel rejects.
According to Telegraph “sources,”  Iran “has been consolidating a broad hold over the Middle East.”
It’s “backing” Yemeni Houthis against “the internationally recognised (US-installed illegitimate puppet) government.”
I’s aiding Iraq’s government fight Islamic State terrorists. According to an unnamed “senior Western security official:”
“Iran’s Shia leaders are trying very hard to increase their influence throughout the region at the expense of the Sunni regimes.”
“But there is a growing sense throughout the region that Tehran has overplayed its hand, and Iran now finds itself facing a backlash.”
Israel claims Hamas uses tunnels to obtain missiles, rockets, other weapons and munitions to conduct terror attacks on civilian areas.
Fact: Hamas acts solely in self-defense. No evidence whatever suggests otherwise.
Fact: Its forces have every right to defend themselves and all Gazans against Israeli state terror – endless war against 1.8 million people.
Gaza remains illegally besieged – despite Israel agreeing to end blockade post-Operation Protective Edge.
Tunnels are its lifeline – for defense, basic goods and essentials to life, including food, fuel and medical supplies.
They wouldn’t be needed if Israel’s illegal blockade ended. It’s imposed for political reasons, not security. Claims otherwise are false.
Gazans struggle daily to survive under Israeli-imposed horrific conditions – state terror tactics by any standard.
Tunnel workers are heroic. They endure hazardous conditions – including possible cave-ins, fires, explosions, airstrikes and bulldozings.
They call their mission “a way to paradise or death.” Most have injuries or health problems. They always expect something bad to happen. Often it does.
Enormous effort and cost go into construction. Most tunnels are about a third of a mile long.
They’re around six stories below ground. They cost $50,000 or more to build. 
Months of intense labor are required to do so. Israel wants them destroyed. 
It bombs them. It kills innocent civilians struggling to survive. 
It prioritizes Palestinian suffering. It does so ruthlessly. It’s lawless siege bears full responsibility. Egypt’s complicity shares it.
Gaza’s underground economy began in 1982. Following the 1979 Egyptian/Israeli peace treaty, Rafah was split.
Part was in Gaza, the rest in Egypt. Israel began demolishing tunnels. Early ones were built beneath homes. 
New tunnels followed. Operations continued. Israel established a buffer zone along Rafah border areas.
From 2000 – 2004, around 1,700 homes were destroyed. After Hamas won January 2006 elections, embargo conditions began. 
In mid-2007, siege was imposed. Egypt cooperated. It still does. Gaza’s tunnel economy substitutes. It’s a vital subsistence lifeline.
It supplies food, fuel, medicines, medical equipment, kerosene heaters, and virtually everything else most people take for granted.
Besieged Gazans persist as best they can. Survival depends on goods tunnels provide. 
It bears repeating. They wouldn’t be needed if world leaders demanded Israel’s illegal blockade ended. 
If they imposed tough sanctions for refusal. If they supported fundamental Palestinian rights.
If they treated Iran like all other nations. If they finally ended decades of hostility. If they held Israel responsible for its high crimes.
It takes a giant leap of faith to expect responsible change. Expect Palestine to remain occupied. Expect no end to Gaza’s siege.
Expect continued Iran bashing. Expect business as usual ahead like always.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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