Phony US/Saudi Proposed 5-Day Truce in Yemen

Phony US/Saudi Proposed 5-Day Truce in Yemen
by Stephen Lendman
A proposed 5-day humanitarian pause belies weeks of relentless terror-bombing harming civilians most – deliberately mass murdering them in cold blood.
Pausing in genocidal slaughter is subterfuge. It ignores US-orchestrated/Saudi-led naked aggression against a nation threatening no others.
It does nothing to address their illegal blockade – willfully preventing essential to life humanitarian aid from reaching Yemenis in need.
At the same time, Houthis are wrongfully blamed for defending themselves against pro-Saudi forces, imported takfiri death squads and by retaliating cross-border.
On Saturday, UN humanitarian coordinator for Yemen Johannes van der Klaauw blasted Riyadh for “indiscriminate(ly) bombing…populated areas, with or without prior warning…”
It’s “in contravention of international humanitarian law,” he said. So is naked aggression against a nonbelligerent country – the main issue rogue Western and regional leaders ignore.
“Many civilians are effectively trapped in Saada as they are unable to access transport because of the fuel shortage,” said van der Klaauw. 
“The targeting of an entire governorate will put countless civilians at risk.”
On Saturday, Riyadh said it carried out 130 terror-bombings over the previous 24-hours. Scores of heavily populated locations were targeted. 
Civilian sites are deliberately struck daily. Sanaa’s airport was again bombed. Its runway was targeted to prevent aircraft from delivering desperately needed humanitarian aid.
Yemeni health ministry spokesman, Tamim Shami, said the nation faces a humanitarian catastrophe.
Suspending terror-bombing and ground fighting for a few days accomplishes nothing. A complete, unconditional halt in aggression alone is vital.
Washington won’t tolerate it. Obama didn’t launch proxy war to quit. He’s systematically raping the entire county.
Millions of Yemenis are at risk – from war, related violence, starvation, preventable diseases, untreated wounds and overall deprivation.
Houthi military spokesman Col. Sharaf Luqman said its forces accepted a 5-day ceasefire expected to begin at 8:00PM Tuesday local time.
“We will deal positively with any efforts, calls or serious and positive measures that would help lift the suffering and allow aid, supplies and ships to move safely to Yemen,” he said.
“Any military violation of the ceasefire from al Qaeda and those who stand with it and support it and fund it will be responded to by the army and security and the popular committees,” he explained.
Saudi military spokesman Brig. General Ahmed Ali Asiri said ceasefire will be cancelled if Houthis violate it.
In other words, if they respond in self-defense to US/Riyadh-ordered takfiri terror or other attacks, they’ll be wrongfully accused of breaching ceasefire terms.
US/Saudi illegal blockade remains in place. Both countries want control over amounts and types of humanitarian aid, who gets it, where and under what conditions.
These terms contravene UN regulations. They require all parties engaged in humanitarian aid operations work through a neutral/impartial in-country humanitarian coordinator. Specific language states:
“(H)umanitarian assistance should be delivered in adherence to the guiding principles of humanity, neutrality and impartiality…”
UN Member States are called on to prevent humanitarian crises and deal with them responsibly when they occur. Blockading essentials to life is prohibited under all circumstances.
On Saturday, UNICEF said “(m)ore children in Yemen are at risk of dying from hunger and lack of health services than from bombs and bullets.”
Spokesman Christophe Boulierac warned of:
  • catastrophic severe malnutrition affecting Yemenis in most areas;
  • lack of health and hygiene services;
  • immediate risk of diarrhea affecting 2.5 million children under age five; and
  • another 1.2 children likely to suffer from preventable diseases, including severe ones like pneumonia.
The World Health Organization (WHO) reported nearly 500 suspected cases of dengue fever and two known deaths so far.
OCHA’s Jens Laerke said Security Council Res. 2216 imposing an arms embargo on Houthis caused a crippling effect on humanitarian operations. 
Sporadic deliveries of inadequate amounts of food, fuel, medical supplies and other essentials to life alone are permitted.
Yemen is 90% dependent on food imports in normal times. Current needs are overwhelming.
US direct and proxy wars show no mercy. They breach fundamental international, constitutional and US statute laws. 
Genocide is strategy. Obama wants Yemenis mass slaughtered. He wants them starved to death. 
He wants them denied vital medical treatment for wounds, diseases and other illnesses. 
He wants overwhelming pain and suffering inflicted as a strategic way to rape another country into submission – regardless of international law or the cost in human lives.
America is a rogue terror state. Permanent war on humanity is official policy. It may not survive the onslaught.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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