Irresponsible New York Times Russia Bashing

Irresponsible New York Times Russia Bashing
by Stephen Lendman
Times editors wage war on Russia irresponsibly – by featuring Big Lies and burying hard truths.
Correspondents are prohibited from reporting anything contrary to editorial policy – no matter how true or important, especially on war and peace issues.
Two June Times editorials repeat the same tired old disinformation featured earlier. “Russia’s invasion and annexation of Crimea (was) an egregious violation of Ukraine’s sovereignty,” according to a June 5 editorial.
False! The whole world knows no Russian invasion occurred and Crimea wasn’t annexed.
Self-determination is a universal right under international law. Crimeans near unanimously voted by referendum independently judged open, free and fair to return to Russia.
Obama unconstitutionally imposed illegal sanctions on Russia. “Don’t back down on” them, Times editors urged.
It’ll “embolden…Putin…who even now refuses to acknowledge that he is sending troops and weapons to expand the war in eastern Ukraine.”
False! No evidence suggests Russian military involvement in Donbass, elsewhere in Ukraine or against any other nation – polar opposite Washington’s geopolitical agenda.
“(I)n recent years, Mr. Putin has become increasingly at odds with the United States,” said Times editors.
Putin opposes its lawless interfering in the internal affairs of other nations and its reckless imperial agenda waging war on humanity – what everyone should denounce.
He supports peace, stability and mutual cooperation with all nations. He deplores violence and belligerence in all forms. Don’t expect Times editors to explain.
On June 2, they accused Putin of “hid(ing) the truth,” saying:
“He continues to insist that Russian soldiers and weapons are not involved in the conflict in the eastern sector of the country, despite evidence to the contrary from NATO, the United States and independent journalists.”
False? Where’s the evidence. There is none. If it existed, Times editors, US-dominated NATO and presstitute journalists (not at all independent) would have revealed it chapter and verse long ago.
Instead they fabricate stuff honest journalists and others wouldn’t touch – Big Lies to continue the irresponsible Putin bashing drumbeat.
Times editors unjustifiably criticized his decreeing all casualties (deaths and injuries) incurred by Russian special operations a state secret in peacetime.
Previously only wartime casualties weren’t revealed for obvious reasons. Given today’s Western-imposed anti-Russian environment, Putin acted for legitimate security reasons.
Russian Institute of Military and Political Analysis deputy head Aleksandr Khramchkhin said his action followed generally accepted practices.
All US special forces operations are kept secret – during war and peace. Nothing about them is revealed.
Times editors outrageously called Putin’s action “further(ing) a climate of propaganda and secrecy that was well established during Soviet times and that Mr. Putin has worked hard to revive.”
He “clearly fears a political backlash from Russians who could turn against him and his destructive policies if they learn the truth about Ukraine.”
“(A)t least 220 active-duty Russian soldiers” died in Ukraine. “(T)he toll is rising, including wounded troops…new graves…dozens of military funerals and testimonies from relatives of the dead.”
False on all counts. The Times source is an unnamed, unverified “report by members of Russia’s political opposition” long ago exposed for repeating one Big Lie after another.
Putin’s “decree” may indicate he’s “gearing up for another military push in Ukraine,” according to Times editors.
Separately, the Times published what it called “Russia’s endgame in Ukraine.” It lists: 
  • Donetsk and Lugansk becoming fully autonomous – possibly letting them “derail” Kiev’s EU and NATO aspirations;
  • maintaining a military buildup on Ukraine’s borders;
  • continuing to aid Donbass freedom fighters with weapons and fighters; and
  • creating a land bridge from the port city of Mariupol to Crimea to facilitate providing it with services.
Russia respects the sovereignty of all nations. It expects the same in return. It believes people should be free to decide their own futures.
It rejects outside interference in the internal affairs of other nation. It fundamentally opposes America’s imperial policy – its endless wars of aggression for unchallenged world domination. 
The whole world should support Moscow’s pursuit of world peace, stability and mutual cooperation. It should reject Washington’s imperial madness – an agenda threatening everyone recklessly.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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