Washington Post Editors Urge Aiding Ukrainian Fascist Tyranny

Washington Post Editors Urge Aiding Ukrainian Fascist Tyranny

by Stephen Lendman

WaPo is one of America’s leading presstitute publications. Located in the nation’s capital, it shamelessly marches in lockstep with imperial US policies.

It features outrageous Big Lies, at the same time systematically ignoring hard truths – especially on major geopolitical issues.

A previous article discussed it’s giving feature op-ed space to Ukraine’s illegitimate prime minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk – one of many Ukrainian fascists masquerading as democrats, blaming Russia and Donbass freedom fighters for Kiev’s high crimes.

WaPo editors support its regime – instead of denouncing it as a Nazi-infested fascist police state. They headlined “The US should send aid to democracy’s front lines in Ukraine.”

It outrageously called its US-installed coup d’etat regime a “freely elected government.” It lied claiming it’s “taken dramatic steps to reform its economy, fight corruption and rebuild democratic solutions.”

Truth is polar opposite on all counts. Economic reforms are nonexistent. Rampant corruption is out-of-control.

Democracy is strictly forbidden. Opposition parties aren’t tolerated. Independent views are stifled. Regime critics risk arrest, imprisonment or death by assassination.

Ukraine’s regime is one only a tyrant would love. Everything is state controlled. Billionaire oligarchs, government officials and top military ones benefit hugely at the expense of most others.

At the same time, Washington uses Ukraine as a convenient anti-Russian proxy blaming Moscow irresponsibly for naked aggression it’s committing against its own people.

The whole world knows America and Kiev bare full responsibility for high crimes of war and against humanity. It knows Russia is a force for peace and stability.

Saying Ukraine is “on the front line in defense of Western democracy against Vladimir Putin’s imperialist autocracy” shamelessly inverts truth.

So is claiming it faces “ongoing Russian-led military assaults, waged in blatant violation of” Minsk II ceasefire terms.

Moscow scrupulously observes them to the letter. Kiev and Washington are serial violators. WaPo editors want Washington supplying Kiev with more weapons and financial support than already supplied.

“A stronger US commitment to Ukraine will not guarantee its success,” said WaPo editors. Claiming anything less “risks a catastrophic failure for the cause of Western democracy” ignores what neither Washington or Kiev tolerate.

Big Lies inflate to bigger ones. Poroshenko claiming 9,000 Russian troops in Ukraine was bested by his defense minister Stepan Poltorak saying “40,000 Russian troops and pro-Russian militia” operate in Donbass.

Whatever the size of self-defense ranks, no active duty Russian soldiers are involved – for sure none sent by the Kremlin.

Putin wants conflict ended diplomatically. No military solution exists. Washington and its Kiev proxy pursue one anyway.

Days earlier, Putin said “(t)he problem is that the current Kiev authorities don’t even want to sit down to talks with” Donbass officials.

“And there is nothing we can do about it. Only our European and American partners can influence this situation.”

“There is no need to threaten us with sanctions. We have nothing to do with this. This is not our position. We seek to ensure the implementation of the Minsk Agreements.”

Big Lies claim otherwise. Repeated ad nauseam gets most people to believe them – baseless accusations with no corroborating proof, propaganda substituting for substance.

Media scoundrels like WaPo editors are part of the imperial echo chamber justifying the unjustifiable. Why anyone pays attention to them they’ll have to explain.

Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net.

His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”

Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com.

Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

It airs three times weekly: live on Sundays at 1PM Central time plus two prerecorded archived programs.

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