Two Kiev Officials Defect to Donbass

Two Kiev Officials Defect to Donbass
by Stephen Lendman
On Monday, former Kiev foreign intelligence service operative Alexei Miroshnichenko and former foreign ministry official Yuri Miroshnichenko held a press conference in Lugansk saying they can no longer tolerate what’s ongoing in their country.
They’re brothers. One worked in Kiev, the other at Ukraine’s embassy in France. “We made the decision voluntarily. We were not compelled to do so,” they said. 
“We can no longer put up with what is happening in Ukraine. Traitors, fascists, various intelligence agents have taken up the reins of the country, and are leading it to ruin.”
Alexei said “the turning point (for him) was (learning) the people of Donetsk and Lugansk are being deliberately exterminated.”
Kiev doesn’t “pay attention to how many children will die. No one could have thought that such a thing could happen to our country.” 
“This is a clear policy of genocide against the people of Donbass. I consider this to be morally unacceptable, and I am not the only one.”
The brothers explained “crimes against civilians are being committed mainly by representatives of the territorial battalions. This includes Aidar, Azov and Tornado.” 
“Innocent people are summarily shot, demeaned, and have their property taken from them. Women are raped en masse, including minors.” 
“There have been instances reported of conscripts who fled the battlefield being shot. Local branches of the Nova Poshta (a Ukrainian delivery service) are crammed with property stolen from civilians.”
Both brothers witnessed carnage firsthand. Former foreign intelligence operative Alexei Miroshnichenko worked on “develop(ing) all sorts of reports for media consumption aimed at compromising Russia, blaming the tragedy that occurred in Ukraine on the Russian Federation,” he said. 
“There was only one theme – that Russia is to blame for everything. The whole service was devoted to working in this direction – toward compromising the Russian side.” 
“We did not have any real hard data, but worked to ensure that in the informational sphere, Russia was displayed as the culprit.”
Both brothers explained Ukrainian forces deliberately provoke Donbass freedom fighters to respond to their attacks to wrongfully blame them for ceasefire violations.
At the same time, they’re preparing for resumed full-scale war. Imported mercenaries are involved. Alexei said he “met people from Poland, Lithuania and Romania.” 
They are fighting on the Ukrainian side for the money. Very few of them came here with some ideas in their heads.” They’re hired guns paid to fight.
Kiev deliberately understates battlefield casualties, both brothers explained. In one battle, a reported 100 personnel lost was at least 2,600. In Debaltseve fighting ahead of the February ceasefire, Ukrainian losses were up to 7,000 – not the phony 210 – 260 officially reported.
All wars are based on lies – especially premeditated aggressive ones. Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) Parliament Speaker Denis Pushilin expects conflict in Donbass to escalate any time. 
Ceasefire is pure fantasy. Kiev deplores peace. It never intended to support the three halts in fighting it agreed to. It violated virtually all terms straightaway. Fascist regimes operate this way. The worst perhaps is coming. According to Pushilin:
“We are actually on the brink of a major war right now. Our conflict is not an internal Ukrainian one. It is fully in line with what is happening in Syria, Yemen, the uprising in Macedonia…and could lead to very tragic consequences and, as a result, things can escalate in a matter of hours.”
At the same time, “(s)ome major developing countries are giving a certain signal even through their neutrality and non-interference (in the conflict), that they are not supporting a military solution.” 
“They are for the continuation of the peace process. A singe decision that seemingly has no influence on anything could become critical and tip the scales one way or another.”
Or fighting could continue for years without resolution, he explained. Things are “unpredictable,” he said. DPR and LPR want peace. Kiev and Washington want war. Things could get very nasty ahead.
Kiev’s decision to install S-300 air defense systems in Odessa on the border of breakaway Moldovan republic of Transnistria increases tensions. The global intelligence firm Stratfor believes it ups the stakes for possible conflict between the republic and Ukraine. 
The presence of 1,400 Russian peacekeepers risks it between Kiev and Moscow if S-300s target Russian aircraft delivering equipment and supplies as well as rotating troop contingents in and out – the only way Russia can reach landlocked Transnistria after Ukraine blocked a land route through its territory.
With former Georgian fascist dictator Mikheil Saakashvili appointed Odessa governor, heightened flashpoint conditions exist. He’s a US favorite and militantly anti-Russia.
Possibly he’ll be used to instigate conflict in Transnistria the way he did against South Ossetia in August 2008 at Washington’s behest – forcing Moscow to defend its forces and 30% Russian population.
The chance for greater conflict is high – especially with lunatics in charge in Washington and Ukraine. Saakashvili’s appointment as Odessa governor signals likely trouble ahead.
The Saker explains “his only ‘qualification’ is his rabid hatred for Russia and Russians and his willingness to execute any US order” – including waging war. His ugly record speaks for itself. 
Anything could happen any time. The obvious solution is democratic regime change in Ukraine replacing US-installed fascist dictatorship. It’s up to Ukrainians to install the type government they deserve. Donbass can serve as a role model.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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