No Deal as June 30 Iranian Nuclear Talks Deadline Arrives

No Deal as June 30 Iranian Nuclear Talks Deadline Arrives
by Stephen Lendman
Washington remains the obstacle to successfully concluding Iranian nuclear talks – so-called P5+1 negotiations. Instead of sticking to preliminary April Lausanne parameters for final consummation of unresolved issues, new ones were raised contrary to what was agreed on earlier.
Longstanding US hostility toward Iran remains unchanged. Current talks haven’t improved relations. Washington wants Tehran’s government toppled. It wants its sovereignty destroyed. It wants a puppet regime installed like under the Shah.
Years of nuclear talks reflect red-herring cover for America’s real objective. Whatever may or may not be agreed on in current talks, hardline US policy toward Iran remains unchanged.
Millions of Iranians signed a petition supporting principles listed below for a fair and equitable final nuclear deal. Over 17,000 lawyers endorsed them along with family members of Iranian nuclear scientists murdered by Israel’s Mossad. Principles include:
  • lifting all sanctions concurrently with the consummation of a deal, if achieved;
  • preserving, protecting and strengthening all Iranian nuclear achievements;
  • permitting nuclear R & D to continue unimpeded as well as no limitations on scientific and technical progress;
  • monitoring nuclear sites should not exceed international laws, norms and standards;
  • no inspections of military sites and security facilities;
  • any agreement reached should be reversible if Washington or other P5+1 countries violate its principles or falsely accuse Iran of breaches. 
Post-Lausanne, Washington kept raising the bar – making demands not agreed to in the first place. Iran justifiably balks. It’s made far more concessions than benefits received in return.
Much going on behind closed doors remains secret. Reports indicate Washington keeps making unacceptable demands, new ones not agreed to before – including:
  • wanting modifications in Iranian operating centrifuges and number permitted;
  • R&D restrictions;
  • drawn out sanctions relief instead of immediate with no assurance for follow-through; and
  • unrestricted IAEA access to Iranian military sites and all other facilities nationwide.
These and perhaps others coming prevent equitable resolution of talks satisfying all parties. Washington’s idea of a deal is subjugation. Iran wants none of it justifiably.
Last weekend, its Foreign Minister Javad Zarif said “(w)e have come to Vienna to reach an agreement which fully respects the Iranian nation’s interests and rights and will be a good agreement for the entire world.”  
“We are sure that if the other side accepts to recognize the Iranian people’s rights and acts upon its undertakings, that is to say it removes the sanctions against Iran and fulfills its part of the undertakings concurrent with Iran’s measures and avoid raising excessive demands, we will certainly reach an agreement which will be beneficial to everyone.”
He stressed the importance of achieving “a lasting and fair deal” – an “honorable one (without) excessive demands.”
Last week, Ayatollah Ali Kmanenei warned about Americans wanting Iran’s nuclear industry destroyed. Instead of negotiating fairly, they balked on immediate sanctions relief, and “lengthened negotiations by making repeated excessive demands and even threats to boost sanctions and (suggest) militarism…”
“Contemplation and study (of) demands made by the Americans shows they aim to uproot Iran’s nuclear industry and the country’s nuclear essence and change it to a caricature and a window without content.”
“(T)he Americans mean to destroy Iran’s nuclear industry…and somehow keep the pressures and sanctions at the same time.”
Washington wants Iran reduced to colony status. It makes promises it intends breaking. It’s all take and no give. It’s hard imagining a fair, equitable and sustainable deal from ongoing talks. Expect Iran to be unfairly blamed for US deceitfulness. 
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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