Cruel and Unusual Punishment: An Israeli Specialty

Cruel and Unusual Punishment: An Israeli Specialty
by Stephen Lendman
Dirar Abu Sisi isn’t an exception. He’s one of many thousands of Palestinians wrongfully held as political prisoners in one of the world’s harshest gulags – hundreds of thousands since June 1967.
He committed no crimes. No evidence proves criminality. Yet he was sentenced to 21 years in prison on fabricated charges – one of countless examples of Israeli viciousness.
In February 2011, he was detained in Jordan – blindfolded and interrogated for 14 hours. Later, Mossad agents working with Ukrainian police arrested him on a train headed for Kiev.
He was blindfolded, painfully shackled and violently treated. His wife Veronika is a Palestinian Ukrainian. They left Gaza to permanently reside in Kiev.
They wanted to live in peace. Operation Cast Lead (December 2008 – January 2009) convinced them to leave.
Veronika said her husband was arrested because of “his brain.” He was Gaza Power Generating Company plant manager. He redesigned the facility to run on regular diesel fuel obtained from Egypt instead of more expensive unreliable supplies from Israel.
The plant operated efficiently without serious problems under his stewardship – unlike under less capable managers.
Israel lied claiming he learned rocket-building expertise in Kharkov, Ukraine in the mid-1990s – at a nonexistent military engineering academy.
His expertise is solely in power generation, networks and systems. He’s not versed in military science or related areas. Nor politics. He’s not connected to Hamas. Yet he’s wrongfully imprisoned on bogus charges of aiding and abetting terrorism.
Jordan and Ukraine under its previous government were complicit with Israel in arresting, detaining and framing him. Veronika filed lawsuits on his behalf to no avail. She futilely sought UN help.
Abu Sisi remains imprisoned in Israel’s gulag hell – in solitary confinement for the past four years. On Wednesday, the Palestinian Prisoners Society said he’s abusively treated – denied family visits in Nafha prison where he’s held, earlier unsentenced until a recent military court 21 year ruling against him following a plea bargain arrangement.
He’s been lawlessly imprisoned since 2011. His Israeli lawyer, Smadar Ben-Natan, said he was forced to confess to crimes he didn’t commit “under very heavy duress which I would characterize as torture.”
False accusations regurgitated irresponsibly by Israeli media claimed he helped Hamas improve its rocket making and delivery capabilities. Haaretz irresponsibly called him “father of the rockets…commander of (Hamas’) military wing…”
It bears repeating what he stressed. He’s a power generating facility engineer – unconnected to Hamas, politics in any form with no military expertise. Accusations against him reflect vicious Big Lies.
Earlier he said “keeping (him) in solitary confinement is a practice of revenge by the Israeli prison service to satisfy the public in Israel” about a nonexistent threat.
His wife Veronika once said “Dinar has been the sun for all of us. I only see him in my dreams.”
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