Meaningless Planned PA/Jordanian UN Resolution to Protect Palestinian Civilians

Meaningless Planned PA/Jordanian UN Resolution to Protect Palestinian Civilians
by Stephen Lendman
It comes after racist Jewish settlers immolated 18-month-old baby Ali Dawabsha, leaving other family members close to death with severe third degree burns covering most of their bodies.
They’re in intensive care, their lives hang in the balance – recovery if possible will be protracted and painful.
Jordan and PA authorities are Israeli collaborators. Drafting a Security Council resolution to protect Palestinians is meaningless at best, duplicitous at worst – a shameless futile gesture in lieu of world community action to isolate Israel and prosecute its government and military officials for numerous high crimes too horrendous to ignore.
Washington will veto any Security Council resolution with teeth. Israel ignores all UN resolutions and other actions against its interests – with full US-led Western support.
Abbas serves illegitimately as Palestinian president. Israel installed him in 2005. Elections were rigged to assure he’d win. His term expired in January 2009. He refuses to call new elections.
Hamas is Palestine’s legitimate government – democratically elected decisively in January 2006, yet denied any say on Palestinian policy, a US/Israeli conspiracy to maintain imperial control.
Abbas saying he’ll ask the ICC to investigate the arson attack killing baby Ali is a separate meaningless gesture. The incident is a police matter, an internal crime.
The Rome Statute-established court has jurisdiction to prosecute individuals charged crimes of war, against humanity or genocide – not local criminality regardless how heinous.
A meaningless PA statement said “(t)his dangerous escalation of Israeli terrorism proves the correctness of the Palestinian decision to join the ICC.” 
“We call upon the international community to assume its responsibilities in the face of this state-organized terrorism and the terrorism of the settlers and to stop dealing with Israel as a state above the law.”
Since his involvement in 1993 Oslo talks through today, Abbas did nothing for the people he represents. He’s a reliable Israeli collaborator for special benefits he derives – a Judas.
Murdering baby Ali and severely burning other family members is one of countless Israeli unaccountable high crimes against Palestinians since 1948.
Abbas calling the immolation “a war crime…a crime against humanity” belies his support for Israeli genocidal wars on Gaza – his collaboration to suppress West Bank protests against mass murder and destruction.
His rhetorical protest rings hollow. Palestinian MK Ahmad Tibi said daily Israeli security force and settler crimes provoke “great anger and rage. This could be the moment right before an explosion.”
Commenting on baby Ali’s immolation, he added “I do not see how (Netanyahu and other Israeli officials) describe this as ugly because the killing of Palestinians by the army is a normal occurrence.” 
“What is the difference if a Palestinian is killed by the army or by a settler who burns a house? It is a killing by the occupation.”
“Do you think Bibi will destroy the houses of the families of the people who did this? Will they go and take DNA samples from all the males from their settlement like they do for Arabs?”
His “policy is the problem…(A) few days ago he allowed more building in the settlements.” His regime continues slow-motion genocide against Palestinians. He risks igniting holy war.
Palestinian MK Abdel-Hakin Haj Yahya wants extremist settlers declared a terrorist organization – “their rabbis investigated.”
His colleague Yousef Jabareen said “the policy of occupation and settlement expansion, which are solid foundations of the Netanyahu government, is responsible for hate crimes and the ongoing assault on Palestinian property and life.” 
Without ending occupation, “these heinous crimes will continue,” he stressed.
Business as usual continues in Palestine. Multiple Israeli racist crimes repeat daily – including lawless pre-dawn community raids, attacking peaceful Palestinian protesters, mass arresting them for defending their rights, and committing cold-blooded murder with impunity, along with numerous other acts of brutality.
Nothing in prospect suggests change. As long as Washington supports Israel, equity and justice for Palestinians remains a distant dream.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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