Israel Conditions Palestinian Hunger Striker’s Release on Accepting Forced Exile

Israel Conditions Palestinian Hunger Striker’s Release on Accepting Forced Exile
by Stephen Lendman
The Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel and hunger striker Muhammad Allan’s lawyer Jamil el-Khatib petitioned Israel’s High Court for his immediate release on urgent medical grounds.
He refused food for over two months, lapsed into coma on Friday. His critical condition risks imminent death. The petition on his behalf states:
“The deterioration of the health status of a prisoner on hunger strike drastically changes the objective conditions of his administrative detention, and makes it imperative for the authorities to reconsider the detention order.”
Adalah attorneys Sawsan Zaher and Aram Mahameed said Israeli Supreme Court case law requires authorities reconsider administrative detentions if significant changes in a detainee’s status occurs, obliging justices to rule accordingly.
Allan’s critical condition endangers his life and safety. Continued detention will likely kill him – an innocent man held uncharged and untried on the fabricated claim about him being “dangerous,” with no corroborating evidence.
Allan’s courage and determination to resist for justice, putting his life at risk, made him a heroic international cause celebre. Earlier he said he wants freedom or death.
Israel offered release on condition he accept exile abroad for four years – an insult to a dying committed man for justice his lawyer, Jamil al-Khatib, “categorically” refused.
Palestinian Authority Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs head Issa Qaraqe said CPA refuses deportation “in all its forms.” International law prohibits forced exile.
On August 17, Israel’s High Court heard arguments for releasing Allan. It found “no change in the justification for holding (him) in administration detention.” It delayed ruling on his case until Wednesday, claiming more time needed to examine his medical records.
He’s being artificially sustained intravenously with fluids and vitamins to keep him alive – in violation of medical ethics. Only patients or persons representing them can authorize the practice.
A doctor at Barzilai Medical Center where he’s hospitalized said he didn’t appear to suffer irreversible damage, but would likely die in short order if artificial support was withdrawn.
Israel’s new law authorizes force-feeding. Prison officials must seek a court order. Authorization hasn’t been requested so far. Allan’s life hangs in the balance.
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