Jeremy Corbyn Anti-American

Jeremy Corbyn Anti-American?
by Stephen Lendman
So say Washington Post editors. His Labour party leadership “could accentuate Britain’s drift away from the trans-Atlantic partnership,” they claim. More on their Corbyn bashing below.
Aftershocks continue following his astonishing meteoric rise from longtime backbencher to shadow government leadership – his agenda polar opposite Thatcher/Blairite policies as well as bipartisan US politics.
London’s Guardian called his triumph “the most astonishing leadership victory in any major British political party in modern time.” He was a “rank outsider,” said the Financial Times.
In June when he announced, odds against him were “100 – 1 at William Hill, 200 – 1 at Ladbrokes, and a…distant 980 – 1 at Betfair” betting exchanges. 
At the time, no one could have predicted his triumph, let alone by a landslide – 40 points ahead of his nearest rival. It’s all over but the postmortems. The greatest struggle lies ahead.
Murdoch-owned MarketWatch called him the British Hugo Chavez, elevating progressivism to mainstream debate. His Wall Street Journal deputy editorial page director, Bret Stephens, called his rise to prominence an “unsettling omen.” His election shows “we have to recover our wisdom,” he said.
WaPo editors said his foreign policy is “anti-America,” anti-Israel. He opposes policies harming most people everywhere, waging endless wars, benefitting monied interests at the expense of most others.
He’s the first fresh breath of British political air since the 1970s. It’s hopeful to think he represents a strong undercurrent of anti-business as usual sentiment – enough to defeat the old guard running Britain in the next general election, as well as spread cross borders and trans-Atlantic waters to America where it’s most needed.
“Mr. Corbyn can be expected to lead a fierce resistance to Mr. Cameron’s incipient effort to step up Britain’s contribution to the fight against the Islamic State,” said WaPo editors. “He will do his best to sabotage relations with Washington.”
He supports what benefits most people everywhere:
  • ending imperial wars and their horrors;
  • a world at peace;
  • real democracy – governance serving everyone equitably;
  • respect for rule of law principles;
  • people power over monied interests;
  • full-time jobs with good wages and benefits;
  • environmental sanity;
  • ending regressive austerity;
  • helping people most in need;
  • progressive taxation;
  • letting organized labor bargain with management on equal terms; and
  • making Britain a fit place to live in for the first time since pre-Thatcherism – hoping peace as well as political, social and economic justice ideas spread everywhere.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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