Israel’s Killing Machine Takes More Palestinian Lives

Israel’s Killing Machine Takes More Palestinian Lives
by Stephen Lendman
On Saturday, the toll reached 20 Palestinian children, youths and women murdered by Israel since October 1 alone. Expect numbers to keep rising, maybe exponentially, given Netanyahu rage to mass-murder, brutalize an entire population, and blame Palestinians for his high crimes.
His dirty game relies on a litany of Big Lies, blaming Palestinians for Israeli state terror, getting most people to believe it because they never hear another mainstream message, not from Israeli officials, Western ones or go-along presstitute media.
Upside down reality portrays Israel as the good guy, Palestinians as terrorists, Netanyahu committed to end their “incitement.” 
Blaming victims is one of the oldest dirty games. Hard facts on the ground entirely disprove anti-Palestinian propaganda, proliferated to deceive – covering up daily Israeli high crimes too grave to ignore, the same ones terrorizing Palestinians for decades. 
They’re murdered in cold blood with impunity. Hundreds are being brutalized and arrested, many tortured to confess to offenses they didn’t commit – and name names of other innocent people so Israel can brutalize them.
World community inaction lets Netanyahu continue ravaging Palestinians unaccountably. His blood lust shows no restraint. Israeli media support for his ruthlessness replicates US misinformation and Big Lies.
Headlines outrageously scream Palestinian terror. Over the weekend alone:
Haaretz: “Palestinian terror wave isn’t an intifada yet”
Haaretz: “Sixteen Wounded in Weekend of Terror Attacks Around Israel”
Haaretz: “Officer Wounded in explosion at J’lem checkpoint”
No evidence indicated an explosion. Israeli security forces seriously injured a Palestinian woman driver at a checkpoint. Her car showed no visible damage from an alleged explosive device. How was this possible if one was detonated as reported?
Overnight, Israel bombed Gaza – again, killing a pregnant Palestinian woman and her two-year-old daughter.
Jerusalem Post: Ultranationalist/Arab-hating Avigdor “Liberman (sic) considered most capable of curbing Palestinian terrorism, poll finds”
Jerusalem Post: “Terrorist detonates explosive near Ma’aleh Adumin checkpoint injuring police officer” 
The same claim blasted all over the Israeli media turned truth on its head. Many others like it repeat daily.
Jerusalem Post: “Wave of terror hits Israel”
Israel National News: “Police Kill Jerusalem Terrorist Who Stabbed Two” – most allegations against Palestinians like this one later turn out to be false; eye witnesses or video footage refute them.
Israel National News: “Attempted Suicide Bombing near Ma’ale Adumin”
Again, the same fabricated report – to cover up cold-blooded Israeli murder, this time brutalizing a Palestinian woman.
Times of Israel: “Hundreds of Border Police reservists called up amid terror wave”
Times of Israel: “3 policemen injured in second terror attack in Jerusalem”
Times of Israel: “Netanyahu seeks solutions for PA ‘incitement’ of terror”
Premeditated Netanyahu state terror is all the fault of defenseless Palestinians, Israeli officials and supportive media claim – the same kind of yellow journalism carpet-bombing Americans daily.
In contrast, Jordanian parliamentarians blasted Israeli “state terrorism,” issuing a statement, saying:
“The Israeli enemy, sapping the rights of the Palestinians on their own lands…and over their holy places, is exercising state terrorism before the eyes of the whole world.” 
They condemned “crimes committed by Israeli forces in the West Bank and Gaza.” Palestinian deaths and injuries are the result of “barbaric and racist” Netanyahu policies, flagrantly violating international laws, norms and standards.
The international community is “not lifting a finger to halt these racist and detestable policies that are pushing the region and world towards more violence and instability.”
Jordan’s Information Minister Mohammed Momani said Israeli violence against Palestinians is “destroy(ing) all peace efforts in the region.” Maybe he forgot about his government’s involvement with Obama’s aggression in Syria, and the horrors it inflicted on millions of civilians.
Palestinian suffering approaches 70 years, nearly half a century of illegal occupation, with no relief in sight. World community silence about ongoing Israeli state terror is deafening. It’s close to exploding into full-scale aggression, threatening millions of defenseless Palestinians.
How many more thousands must die to get the attention of world leaders? Isn’t slow-motion genocide enough?
Following Netanyahu’s summer 2014 aggression, a UN statement said: “There is not a single child who has not been adversely affected by the recent conflict in Gaza, where children suffer from bed-wetting, difficulties in sleeping, nightmares, a loss of appetite, and display more aggressive behavior at school.”
Palestinian children, youths and adults throughout the Occupied Territories have never known a day of peace in their lives. Conflict rages daily. Israeli soldiers, police, other security forces and extremist settlers terrorize them with impunity. 
World leaders yawn and do nothing. Palestinian lives, security and welfare don’t matter. Nor does international law – trampled on by Israel, Western countries, despotic Middle East ones and many others. 
Defenseless civilians suffer horrifically, victims of ruthless state terror – a US and Israeli specialty.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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