Irresponsibly Vilifying President Assad

Irresponsibly Vilifying President Assad
by Stephen Lendman
He’s been Syria’s president since July 2000, overwhelmingly reelected in June 2014 in a process independent international monitors judged open, free and fair.
Syrians want no one else leading them. The longer conflict continues, the more solid his popularity. He’s all that stands in the way of a US-controlled vassal state (now with vital Russian aid), complicit with ISIS and other terrorist groups, the ultimate slow-death nightmare free people everywhere dread.
The Atlantic Council is a neocon infested think tank, founded in 1961 to support NATO’s killing machine – one of many similar US groups threatening world peace and stability.
Its solution for resolving conflict in Syria is escalating it. Frederic Hof is an Atlantic Council senior fellow, a former neocon Hillary Clinton State Department representative on Syria – militantly anti-Assad.
Washington Post editors gave him feature op-ed space. He took full advantage, vilifying Assad irresponsibly, spreading vicious lies, demanding he “step aside for the good of Syria.”
Hof lied, blaming him for using chemical weapons – attacks on defenseless civilians by ISIS and other US-supported terrorist groups in Syria. He bashed Moscow’s vital intervention, ignoring Putin’s righteous mission, defiantly accusing him of doing more harm than good. 
The whole world knows otherwise. He criticized Iran irresponsibly for supporting Assad’s war on terrorism and Syrian sovereignty. He praised John Kerry “for trying to make something real of the wishful, almost plaintive emptiness of an approach that relies on Russia and Iran to see the truth, acknowledge error and sin no more.”
He ludicrously claimed Washington wants peace – instead of holding Obama fully responsible for launching war in the first place, nearly five years ago, killing a quarter of a million or more Syrians, displacing half the population, permitting ISIS and other terrorist groups to control over half the country, lost territory slowly being retaken with vital Russian help.
Hof wants Assad to go, Putin to stop combating terrorism, and Syria transformed into a US-controlled colony – defying overwhelming public sentiment.
He called this agenda “truth as Washington sees it” – polar opposite what free people everywhere want and deserve.
Continued war means “people slaughtered, maimed, stampeded, starved, tortured and raped,” he said. He wrongfully blamed Assad instead of pointing fingers the right way – lunatics in Washington waging war on humanity, threatening world peace, an agenda risking mass annihilation.
Hof ignored US responsibility for creating ISIS and other terrorist groups, using them as imperial foot soldiers, trained by CIA agents, US special forces, along with their NATO and regional counterparts to commit gruesome atrocities.
Hof wants endless war – on Syria, throughout the region, and perhaps a reckless confrontation with Russia and China, possible nuclear war. As long as neocons infest Washington, humanity’s survival is up for grabs.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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