Israelis Celebrate Palestinian Immolation Murders

Israelis Celebrate Palestinian Immolation Murders
by Stephen Lendman
Israel is more than a ruthless rogue state. It’s a sick society, infested with Zionist zealots, religious extremists, Arab-hating racists, and fascists at the highest political and military levels.
Its regime partnered with Washington threatens world peace and security – at risk because lunatics in charge wage endless direct and proxy wars, perhaps one day intending to use thermonuclear weapons able to end life on earth.
Last July’s Dawabsha family immolations by extremist settlers made world headlines. Despite knowing the guilty parties, Israel prosecuted no one.
Reasons given are total fabrications. From infancy to adulthood, Israeli Jews are taught to hate Arabs – in school at all levels, through the media, and from official sources.
It’s OK for Jews to kill Arabs with impunity, never the other way around in self-defense, automatically called “terrorism.”
The sole Dawabsha family survivor, four-year-old Ahmed, will never witness justice for the cold-blooded murders of his parents and infant brother Ali. 
He remains hospitalized in intensive care, painfully recovering from third-degree burns while Israel protects the killers of his family members. Extremist settlers are free to commit violence and vandalism against Arabs at their discretion.
A video emerged showing extremist Jews celebrating the Dawabsha family murders during an early December wedding celebration. They’re seen dancing with guns, knives and a firebomb – in one clip, stabbing a photo of immolated baby Ali.
Israel’s Channel 10 news aired the video, showing extremist Arab hatred amidst traditional Jewish dances. The news outlet said the wedding couple is “very well known in the radical right.”
They’re friends of the Dawabsha family killers. So are guests attending their nuptial celebration. Video footage shows teens and youths praising revenge in song, with guns and knives upheld.
IDF-issued assault rifles and handguns were passed from one guest to another, including children. Israel supports radicalized extremists, especially settlers.
Zionist Union leader Isaac Herzog lied, claiming wedding celebrants “forgot what it is to be Jews.” Similar comments by political and religious leaders rang hollow.
Israeli police initiated an investigation into the incident – certain to be whitewashed with no repercussions. 
Arabs are fair game for whatever atrocities Jews commit against them, with virtually no chance for justice no matter how heinous the crimes – notably wars at Israel’s discretion, mass slaughter and destruction, along with imprisonments solely for political reasons and vicious, unending occupation harshness, preventing Palestinian self-determination.
No prospect of relief exists. The new year may be bloodier than currently for persecuted Palestinians. Maybe Israel has another premeditated war in mind, besides the daily ongoing carnage.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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