Phony Reports of Starvation in Madaya, Syria

Phony Reports of Starvation in Madaya, Syria
by Stephen Lendman
Spurious reports of Syrian and Hezbollah responsibility for alleged Madaya starvation are part of continued propaganda war on Damascus.
Western and Arab media used earlier taken unrelated photos, images of skin and bone bodies, widely circulating, falsely claiming they reflect Madaya starvation, wrongfully blaming Damascus for imposing siege conditions.
Obama’s war on Syria created dire conditions throughout the country. Deplorable ones exist. Overwhelming human suffering persists, exacerbated by US special forces directly aiding terrorist elements and its warplanes bombing vital infrastructure and other government targets.
Images shown are earlier ones from Amman, Jordan, Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, the area’s terrorist-held Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp and a European one – unrelated to Madaya.
They’re circulating widely to vilify Assad’s government, notably ahead of late January peace talks
“Madaya starves,” the New York Times spuriously reported, substituting propaganda for hard truths – irresponsibly claiming “reports of people dying from starvation and being killed while trying to leave,” outrageously blaming Damascus.
It cited phony reports of Madaya residents “living on grass and leaves, and seeing family members dying of hunger or killed by (Syrian and Hezbollah) snipers…”
Al Jazeera has been featuring spurious “starving in Syria” propaganda reports, citing Madaya conditions, calling them a “weapon” against civilians, irresponsibly blaming Damascus.
Washington bears full responsibility for overwhelming Syrian suffering, using ISIS and other takfiri terrorists as imperial foot soldiers – deliberately targeting civilians, committing appalling atrocities, conflict outrageously blamed on Damascus.
Hezbollah accused terrorists in Madaya of using residents as human shields, denying them food, preventing aid supplies from reaching them.
Damascus supports humanitarian aid wherever needed in Syria. Terrorists block its availability, their forces responsible for killing civilians in cold blood.
Syrian forces delivered vital essentials to life to Madaya, Shaghin, Sarghaya and other areas – their ability only constrained by ISIS and other terrorists’ activities.
A Syrian popular forces statement said in various regions, delivered “humanitarian aid is under (terrorist) control and kept in warehouses” – sold to Syrians able to afford it, denied others.
Terrorist fighters prevent Madaya residents from fleeing to safe havens, their snipers killing them. These elements bear full responsibility for dire humanitarian conditions throughout the country.
Syrian efforts to provide aid go unreported. Western and regional propaganda blames Assad for US-supported terrorist crimes – complicit with Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel and other rogue allies.
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