Implacable US Hostility Toward Russia

Implacable US Hostility Toward Russia
by Stephen Lendman
Hostile US policy toward Russia is longstanding. Washington tolerates no sovereign independent governments, wants Western-controlled vassal states replacing them – especially Russia and China.
State Department Coordinator for Sanctions Policy Daniel Fried lied, saying “cooperat(ion) with Russia” is possible. “(B)ad relations (aren’t) permanent.”
They’ve been implacably hostile for nearly a century. Nothing in prospect indicates positive change. Suggesting otherwise is duplicitous. Washington invents ways to maintain adversarial relations. 
False accusations of meddling in Ukrainian internal affairs, propping up the Assad government, bombing nonexistent “moderates” and killing civilians in Syria, along with illegally imposed US sanctions are glaring examples.
As long as sovereign independent Russia exists, regime change remains official US policy. Washington’s bipartisan agenda excludes normalized relations. 
Presidential aspirant Hillary Clinton lied, suggesting a possible new US-Russia “reset” in Sunday’s Democrat candidates debate. 
In 2009 as Obama’s Secretary of State, she memorably handed Sergey Lavrov a reset button, a meaningless gesture as things turned out.
Hostile US anti-Russian policies persist. Claiming possible change if she’s elected president belies her disdain for Vladimir Putin.
During a 2014 fundraiser, she disgracefully compared him to Hitler, saying:
His Ukrainian policy is reminiscent of “what Hitler did back in the 30s. All the ethnic Germans, the Germans…in places like Czechoslovakia and Romania and other places, Hitler kept saying they’re not being treated right. I must go and protect my people and that’s what’s gotten everybody so nervous.”
“So I just want everybody to have a little historical perspective…(W)e can perhaps learn from this tactic that has been used before.”
She irresponsibly accused Putin of invading Ukraine, attempting to “re-Sovietize” Russia, using force, saying he “believes his mission is to restore Russian greatness,” including regaining control over former republics and Warsaw Pact countries.
“When he looks at Ukraine, he sees a place that he believes is by its very nature part of mother Russia,” she blustered.
She’s implacably hardline, a war goddess committed to endless conflicts – possible direct military confrontation with Russia with her as president.
Claiming she’s open to re-set belies her imperial agenda, supporting misnamed first-strike missile defense systems targeting Russia’s heartland, endorsing nuclear weapons use, calling them deterrents that “keep the peace.”
She’s one of the largest recipients of defense industry cash, a longstanding Wall Street favorite, supporting endless wars of aggression, disdaining world peace, stability and responsible diplomacy.
Improved US/Russia relations won’t happen with her as president. The risk of belligerent confrontation will be greater than ever.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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