Syrian Peace Talks Jeopardized

Syrian Peace Talks Jeopardized
by Stephen Lendman
Disputes over who’ll represent Assad’s opposition may delay or derail talks before their scheduled January 25 beginning. Under the best of circumstances, they have virtually no chance of succeeding. Washington wants war, not peace. 
It wants Western-controlled puppet governance replacing Syrian sovereign independence. Assad intends serving as long as he retains popular support. International law supports him.
The New York Times said talks may not begin as scheduled next Monday. “(T)here is no agreement on who, if anyone,” intends showing up.
Talks may be “pushed back” or derailed altogether. Chances for conflict resolution are virtually nil. Who’ll represent opposition elements remains unresolved.
Saudi Arabia wants its “handpicked” bloc of anti-Assad terrorist elements alone representing the opposition. Otherwise it’ll boycott talks if held.
Russia supports opposition representatives attending, excluding terrorist groups. Otherwise Syria won’t attend.
Days ahead of next week’s scheduled talks, UN/Arab League envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura issued no invitations, unable to without resolving possible intractable positions.
Longstanding imperial tool UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon will decide who’ll participate if talks are held. His spokesman, Farhan Haq, suggested a possible “slippage” in scheduled dates.
In December, Security Council members unanimously adopted Resolution 2254 on Syria. 
It calls for ceasefire and diplomatic conflict resolution – with opposing sides (excluding terrorist groups) meeting in January under UN auspices. 
They’re to initiate a political process toward establishing “inclusive and non-sectarian governance” within six months by Syrians alone, free from outside interference.
New elections would follow in 18 months, along with drafting a new constitution, unlikely to differ much from Syria’s current one, overwhelmingly approved by national referendum in February 2012.
Peace talks, if held, may prove as empty and futile as previous efforts to resolve things responsibly. Russia alone among world powers involved continues going all-out for diplomatic conflict resolution.
Washington’s agenda is polar opposite, waging endless war for regime change, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as proxy foot soldiers.
America, Israel and rogue state partners breach or ignore Security Council resolutions unaccountably – even though they’re binding under international law.
UN officials irresponsibly blame Assad for preventing humanitarian supplies from reaching Syrians in terrorist-held areas.
Food, medicines and other vital to life relief sent is stolen by ISIS and other takfiris, preventing Syrians in need from getting them unless able to pay unaffordable prices they charge – media scoundrels ignoring what’s going on.
De Mistura said warring sides aren’t ready for ceasefire. Conflict resolution is nowhere in sight.
It bears repeating. Peace talks, if held, have virtually no chance of succeeding – not as long as Washington wants endless war for regime change.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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