Pentagon Frantic on How to Counter Successful Russian/Syrian Campaigns Against ISIS

Pentagon Frantic on How to Counter Successful Russian/Syrian Campaigns Against ISIS
by Stephen Lendman
Russia’s effective aerial campaign, along with Syrian air and ground forces, are relentlessly pounding ISIS. 
They’re inflicting heavy casualties, destroying their supply lines, disrupting their oil smuggling operations, regaining lost territory, defeating Obama’s scheme to transform Syria into another US vassal state, its sovereignty destroyed.
Syrian army troops have renewed vigor, on the offensive effectively. For the first time since Obama launched naked aggression in March 2011, Russia’s General Staff chief General Valery Gerasimov said his government’s airstrikes helped Syrian forces launch attacks in 10 directions at once.
“Currently, strategic initiative in almost all directions is in the hands of (Syrian) government forces,” he said. “They are actively fighting, so sooner or later Daesh’s resistance (will) be broken.”
“At the moment, out of 15 fronts where fighting is taking place… offensives are carried out in 10. The Syrian army…has become different over (recent) months – a desire to advance, and self-confidence has appeared.”
Since Russian aerial operations began on September 30, over 6,000 sorties were flown, thousands of terrorist targets destroyed, massive numbers of ISIS and other takfiris fleeing to Turkey and Iraq.
“Daesh (and other terrorists) are not groups presented as some kind of bearded men in civilian clothes, whose actions are unorganized. This is false,” said Gerasimov. 
“They are…organized groups…receiv(ing) relevant training… Officers who served in the Iraqi army are” involved. CIA operatives, US special forces and their Turkish counterparts actively provide training, weapons, supplies and direction.
On Friday, Syria’s military reported two senior terrorist commanders killed in Idlib province.
Around 50 heavily armed Russian marines arrived at Syria’s Kuweires military airport, part of an advisory operation, aiding Syrian forces in eastern Aleppo province.
In the last 24 hours alone, Syrian forces made significant advances, inflicting heavy casualties on ISIS and other terrorist groups – in Damascus, Aleppo, Lattakia, Dara’a, Hama and Homs provinces. Scores of takfiris surrendered. Many others were killed, wounded, or fled for safety. 
The struggle for Syria’s soul and survival won’t end easily or soon. Not as long as Washington and rogue allies want war, not peace. Not as long as they keep supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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