Erdogan’s Big Lies About Russia and Iran

Erdogan’s Big Lies About Russia and Iran by Stephen Lendman Erdogan is a world-class thug, heading a fascist police state, a valued NATO member, complicit with Washington, supporting ISIS and other regional terrorist groups. His deplorable habits include blaming others for his high crimes and proliferating Big Lies. Russia and Iran go all-out for regional... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Hunger Striker Close to Death

Palestinian Hunger Striker Close to Death by Stephen Lendman Israel considers independent journalists criticizing its rogue agenda terrorists - especially Palestinians reporting its high crimes. Last November, Israeli forces lawlessly arrested Mohammed Elqeiq violently, denied him family and legal council contacts for days - accusing him of “journalistic incitement” without issuing formal charges. He’s administratively... Continue Reading →

Iran Briefly Detains US Naval Personnel Operating Illegally in its Waters

Iran Briefly Detains US Naval Personnel Operating Illegally in Its Waters by Stephen Lendman Fars News reported Iranian military forces seized two small US naval vessels on Tuesday, detaining 10 crew members - “trespassing (provocatively three nautical miles within) Iran’s territorial waters.” Pentagon and State Department officials made dubious claims about one boat experiencing mechanical... Continue Reading →

The Deplorable US State of the Union

The Deplorable US State of the Union by Stephen Lendman America represents the greatest pure evil force in world history. Rutherford Institute’s John Whitehead blasted Obama’s deplorable agenda, calling it: “more bureaucratic, more debt-ridden, more violent, more militarized, more fascist, more lawless, more invasive, more corrupt, more untrustworthy, more mired in war, and more unresponsive... Continue Reading →

Longstanding NYT Iran Bashing

Longstanding NYT Iran Bashing by Stephen Lendman Times management and editors march in lockstep with Washington’s imperial agenda - supporting its aim to replace all independent governments with Western-controlled puppet ones. International law prohibits interfering in the internal affairs of other countries except in self-defense if attacked.  The General Assembly's 1974 Charter of Economic Rights... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Endless War on Hamas

Israel’s Endless War on Hamas by Stephen Lendman Israeli political, economic and three hot wars on Hamas followed its 2006 legislative victory.  It remains Palestine’s legitimate government, the Abbas-led PA a longtime Israeli collaborator/complicit in enforcing occupation harshness, betraying the people it’s sworn to serve, benefitting at their expense. Lawless mid-2007 blockade followed Israeli-imposed 2006... Continue Reading →

Syrians Besieged by Terrorists Risk Death

Syrians Besieged by Terrorists Risk Death by Stephen Lendman ISIS and other terrorist groups are killing Syrians they hold captive by appalling atrocities, exposure to freezing temperatures, denial of vital medical treatment, and starvation. Syrian armed forces so far haven’t freed trapped Fuaa and Kafrya residents in Idlib province mountainous areas. They may freeze to... Continue Reading →

Disastrous California Methane Leak

Disastrous California Methane Leak by Stephen Lendman Methane is the main component of natural gas - colorless, odorless and potentially explosive when mixed with air. It’s an asphyxiant, in high concentrations able to displace oxygen needed to breathe. It can cause dizziness, headaches, bodily weakness, blurred vision, rapid heart rate, nausea, vomiting, unconsciousness, suffocation and... Continue Reading →

More Evidence of Turkey Aiding ISIS

More Evidence of Turkey Aiding ISIS by Stephen Lendman Evidence keeps mounting on how Turkey directly aids ISIS, complicit with Washington, other NATO countries and regional partners. Foreign support lets terrorist groups in Syria, Iraq and Libya thrive. Without it they’d become a spent force, unable to operate effectively on their own - what media... Continue Reading →

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