Big Lies About Russia’s Syrian Campaign Persist

Big Lies About Russia’s Syrian Campaign Persist by Stephen Lendman Washington’s view on Russia’s Syrian campaign depends on who’s commenting at different times along with what major media scoundrels report or suppress. Pentagon commanders are awestruck by Moscow’s formidable military power, its sophisticated weapons matching or exceeding their own capability, outdoing the prowess of other... Continue Reading →

Another Brutalized Guantanamo Victim Freed

Another Brutalized Guantanamo Victim Freed by Stephen Lendman Guantanamo represents pure US evil. It’s the tip of a disturbing iceberg, one of numerous US global black sites operating extrajudicially. Unknown numbers of innocent victims languish under hellish conditions, subjected to torture and other horrific forms of mistreatment, denied all international law guaranteed rights.  Most were... Continue Reading →

Saudis Escalate Tensions with Iran

Saudis Escalate Tensions with Iran by Stephen Lendman Riyadh and Tehran are regional rivals, each nation pursuing polar opposite policies. Iran forthrightly supports regional peace, stability and mutual cooperation. Saudi Arabia is a monster regime, lawlessly pursuing a rogue agenda - the epicenter of Middle East violence and chaos, fostering terrorism, denying its people fundamental... Continue Reading →

Turkey’s Rogue Regional Agenda

Turkey’s Rogue Regional Agenda by Stephen Lendman Turkey threatens regional peace and security, a rogue state run by a fascist despot, Erdogan seeking greater iron-fisted authority than already. He supports ISIS and other regional terrorist groups, supplying them with weapons and munitions, letting them move freely cross-border to and from Syria and Iraq, waging terror... Continue Reading →

Britain Aiding Saudi Terror War on Yemenis

Britain Aiding Saudi Terror War on Yemenis by Stephen Lendman Make no mistake. Yemen is Obama’s war, planned, orchestrated and initiated in Washington, using Riyadh and other rogue regional states to do his dirty work. On January 7, Britain’s Sky News headlined “Exclusive: UK Helping Saudi’s Yemen Campaign” - allied with Washington, complicit in high... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Phony Hyperbole on Gun Violence

Obama’s Phony Hyperbole on Gun Violence by Stephen Lendman New York Times editors gave Obama op-ed space on gun violence instead of denouncing his high crimes and demanding accountability. They exceed the worst of George Bush - with a year remaining in office to extend his deplorable rap sheet. Calling “gun violence in our country... Continue Reading →

Iraqi Official Says US Aiding ISIS

Iraqi Official Says US Aiding ISIS by Stephen Lendman Clear evidence shows Washington uses ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere. Its so-called war on terror is a complete hoax, media scoundrels perpetuating the myth. Iraqi parliamentarian Awatif Naima accused US forces of “expanding their heliborne operations in... Continue Reading →

Phony Netanyahu Assassination Plot

Phony Netanyahu Assassination Plot by Stephen Lendman Israel wages endless war on Palestine, including three well-planned, premeditated terror wars on Gaza since December 2008.  Hamas and its entire population were targeted for phony reasons. Unaccountable high crimes followed. Gazans remain isolated in rubble. Israel periodically claims Hamas-connected West Bank terror cells were uncovered, phony evidence... Continue Reading →

Tenured Professor Questioning the Official Sandy Hook Shootings Narrative Fired

Tenured Professor Questioning Official Sandy Hook Shootings Narrative Fired by Stephen Lendman Adam Lanza was blamed for the December 14, 2012 Newtown, CT shootings, perhaps wrongfully.  South Florida University (SFU) tenured Professor James Tracy questioned inconsistencies and anomalies in the official narrative - reinforced by corporate media scoundrels unwillingness to ask tough questions and demand... Continue Reading →

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