Riyadh Terror-Bombs Iran’s Yemeni Embassy: A Willful Act of War

Riyadh Terror-Bombs Iran’s Yemeni Embassy: A Willful Act of War by Stephen Lendman Press TV cited Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jabari Ansari, saying Saudi warplanes “deliberately” bombed his nation’s Sana’a, Yemen embassy - defying international law, flagrantly violating the immunity of all diplomatic missions worldwide. “Iran holds the government of Saudi Arabia responsible for... Continue Reading →

US Nukes the Problem, Not North Korea’s

US Nukes the Problem, Not North Korea’s by Stephen Lendman Throughout its post-WW II history, North Korea attacked no other nation, threatens none now, will respond appropriately to defend its national security like other nations. America wages endless wars of aggression against one country after another. Its imperial agenda threatens world peace. Its nuclear weapons... Continue Reading →

Venezuelan Fascists Defy Supreme Court Ruling

Venezuelan Fascists Defy Supreme Court Ruling by Stephen Lendman Right-wing extremists controlling Venezuela’s parliament abhor rule of law principles and other democratic values.  Their modus operandi is raw power, serving elitist interests over all others, wanting Venezuela returned to its bad old pre-Chavez days. On January 2, Venezuela’s Supreme Court suspended the swearing in of... Continue Reading →

Assad Must Go Remains Official US Policy

Assad Must Go Remains Official US Policy by Stephen Lendman Russia and America are fundamentally at odds on the future of Syria - US imperial arrogance the fundamental issue, defying international law, wanting Assad replaced with a puppet it controls. On January 6, AP News headlined “US sees Assad staying in Syria until March 2017,”... Continue Reading →

Yemen: A US-Orchestrated Holocaust

Yemen: A US-Orchestrated Holocaust by Stephen Lendman Millions of lives are at risk from violence, starvation, lack of vital medical care, and overall deprivation. A new UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (UNHCR) report downplayed the ongoing catastrophe, shamelessly undercounting civilian casualties since conflict began last March. It’s likely in the tens... Continue Reading →

Israel Continues Destroying Palestinian Crops

Israel Continues Destroying Palestinian Crops by Stephen Lendman Israel is one of the world’s most ruthless rogue states - a phantom democracy run by fascists and religious zealots, a regional monster, its viciousness unrestrained.  Its longstanding high crimes include militarized occupation harshness, ruthless persecution, institutionalized racism, and slow-motion genocide - Palestinians collectively punished for not... Continue Reading →

NATO: Humanity’s Greatest Scourge

NATO: Humanity’s Greatest Scourge by Stephen Lendman NATO is a US-dominated killing machine, a force for pure evil - a global imperial enforcer threatening world peace, a dagger in humanity’s heart. It’s the lead instigator of global conflicts, a menace too great to ignore, intending to replace the UN, first as its military wing, then... Continue Reading →

Monstrous ISIS Atrocities

Monstrous ISIS Atrocities by Stephen Lendman ISIS is a US creation, their fighters used as imperial foot soldiers, trained in Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar and perhaps elsewhere by CIA operatives, Pentagon special forces and their allied counterparts - taught the fine art of committing atrocities. They include beheadings, mass executions, other types of cold-blooded... Continue Reading →

UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in Palestine Resigns

UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in Palestine Resigns by Stephen Lendman Supporting international law guaranteed human rights for Palestinians is a thankless job.  Its incumbent is subjected to relentless Israeli harassment, vilification and obstruction. Its regime throughout its history has been a collective punishment machine, ruthlessly persecuting an entire population - largely isolated on its... Continue Reading →

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