Jewish Terrorists Indicted for Palestinian Arson Murders

Jewish Terrorists Indicted for Palestinian Arson Murders by Stephen Lendman Last July’s immolation murders made world headlines. Three Palestinian Dawabsha family members succumbed to devastating third-degree burns too severe to save them, including 18-month-old infant Ali. Four-year-old Ahmed alone survived, still hospitalized in intensive care. His painful struggle to recover continues. Israel stonewalled for months,... Continue Reading →

Iraq’s Longstanding Nightmare

Iraq’s Longstanding Nightmare by Stephen Lendman Washington bears full responsibility for the Middle East’s longstanding nightmare, partnered with rogue Israeli, NATO and Arab regimes. Call it the curse of oil - Iraq Exhibit A. From America’s orchestrated Iran/Iraq war to Operation Desert Storm, to years of genocidal sanctions, to Operation Iraqi Freedom, to ongoing out-of-control... Continue Reading →

Four Dozen Saudi Extrajudicial Executions

Four Dozen Saudi Extrajudicial Executions by Stephen Lendman Riyadh and Washington are close allies, partnering in each other’s high crimes - both countries notably supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, used as US imperial foot soldiers. Domestically, Riyadh’s human rights record is abominable. Fundamental freedoms don’t exist. Criticizing ruling authorities risks arrest, imprisonment or death.... Continue Reading →

Delusional US Claimed 2015 Success Stories

Delusional US Claimed 2015 Success Stories by Stephen Lendman State Department spokesman Admiral John Kirby’s year in review  “Official Blog” comments focus on reinventing history.  He turned truth on its head, claiming “the United States helped change the world for the better” in 2015 - “across a range of issues…vital to ensur(e) the safety, security... Continue Reading →

Israeli Desecration of Al-Aqsa

Israeli Desecration of Al-Aqsa by Stephen Lendman Fascists running Israel want Islam’s third holiest site replaced by new Jewish temple - giving them control over sacred Al Aqsa ground. Longstanding policy permits Jewish prayer only at the adjacent Western Wall. Israeli forces regularly storm Al-Aqsa, attacking Muslim worshipers, restricting or prohibiting entry for others, letting... Continue Reading →

Erdogan Damage Control

Erdogan Damage Control by Stephen Lendman Turkish democracy is pure fantasy. None whatever exists. Erdogan is a tinpot despot, a rogue leader in a part of the world ruled by tyrants.  He seeks constitutional changes for a presidential system, officially affording himself unchallenged power - able to eliminate opponents and critics more easily than already.... Continue Reading →

Grim New Year’s Horrors in Palestine

Grim New Year’s Horrors in Palestine by Stephen Lendman Israel’s high crimes against Palestinians continue unabated into the new year - an entire population collectively punished by brute force. The Addameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association updated the mass arrests and collective punishment toll since Israel unleashed unrestrained violence and brutality three months ago... Continue Reading →

Hitler: Erdogan’s Role Model

Hitler: Erdogan’s Role Model by Stephen Lendman Erdogan heads a fascist police state. As a valued NATO member, Washington ignores his domestic crimes, uses its regime to advance its imperial objectives. On Thursday on return from Saudi Arabia, he was asked if a presidential system is compatible with Turkey’s unitary structure. “There are examples around... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Updated National Security Strategy

Russia’s Updated National Security Strategy by Stephen Lendman Despite his forthright efforts for cooperative US/Russian relations, Putin knows Washington represents Moscow’s greatest threat. He’s acting responsibly to protect his nation’s interests, signing a decree, approving an updated national security strategy, according to Tass. It addresses significant threats Russia faces - notably US-led NATO encroaching on... Continue Reading →

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