Saudi Airstrikes on Yemen Deliberately Target Civilians

Saudi Airstrikes on Yemen Deliberately Target Civilians by Stephen Lendman On January 27, London’s Guardian cited a UN panel investigating its terror-bombing found “widespread and systematic” attacks on civilians and civilian-related targets - horrendous war crimes by any standard. The Guardian said evidence uncovered raises disturbing questions about Britain supplying Riyadh with heavy weapons. US... Continue Reading →

Denigrating Refugees and Asylum Seekers

Denigrating Refugees and Asylum Seekers by Stephen Lendman Post-9/11, US-led imperial wars created the greatest refugee crisis since WW II, a high crime, Bush and Obama officials remaining unaccountable.  Calling desperate people fleeing conflict areas for safe havens in Europe “migrants” denigrates their humanity, ignores what they’ve endured, reflecting indifference to suffering most people can’t... Continue Reading →

Was Attack on Riyadh’s Tehran Embassy a False Flag?

Was Attack on Riyadh’s Tehran Embassy a False Flag? Stephen Lendman Iran continues investigating the January 2 attack on Riyadh’s Tehran embassy. Last weekend, its judiciary spokesman Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejehi said arrests were made. Some suspects were released, one believed responsible for arranging the attack still in custody, Ejehi saying: “We are investigating “whether... Continue Reading →

Ban Ki-moon’s Duplicitous Criticism of Israel

Ban Ki-Moon’s Duplicitous Criticism of Israel by Stephen Lendman Ban exclusively serves Western interests, a loyal imperial servant throughout his tenure, taking no action against US-led NATO or Israeli high crimes. Addressing Security Council members on Tuesday, his comments rang hollow - calling Israel’s settlement activities “provocative acts.”  Specifically, he addressed approved plans for 150... Continue Reading →

Israeli Textbook Blames Arab Citizens for State-Sponsored Terrorism

Israeli Textbook Blames Arab Citizens for State-Sponsored Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Israeli state-terrorism is longstanding, brutally persecuting Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens. Wars against defenseless Gazans are waged at its discretion. Institutionalized racism is official policy. So are land theft for exclusive Jewish development, extrajudicial executions, torture and other forms of abuse. Thousands... Continue Reading →

Phony Global ISIS Threat

Phony Global ISIS Threat by Stephen Lendman ISIS and similar terrorist groups are US creations, used as imperial foot soldiers in Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere. A video attributed to ISIS warned of attacks on US and European cities, saying “revenge has started…blood will flow. There will be no safety in this world from our... Continue Reading →

Phony US Claims About Putin’s Corruption

Phony US Claims About Putin’s Corruption by Stephen Lendman Relentless US Putin bashing persists, reckless accusations made - including invading Ukraine and murder, evidence backing up claims absent. None exists. Putin is vilified for forthrightly defending Russian sovereign independence, supporting a multi-polar world, and challenging Washington’s imperial agenda - at the same time seeking world... Continue Reading →

US Wants Russia Transformed into a US Vassal State

US Wants Russia Transformed into a US Vassal State by Stephen Lendman Washington tolerates no governments it doesn’t control, wanting pro-Western vassal states replacing sovereign independent ones - notably Russia and China, both countries targeted for regime change. Neocon/super-hawk former US Deputy Defense Secretary and World Bank president Paul Wolfowitz earlier explained Washington's “first objective... Continue Reading →

Haiti: Longstanding US Colony

Haiti: Longstanding US Colony by Stephen Lendman Haiti is no stranger to adversity, anguish and overwhelming human misery. It endured over 500 years of severe repression, slavery, despotism, colonization, reparations, embargoes, sanctions, deep poverty, starvation, unrepayable debt, overwhelming human suffering and destructive natural disasters. Democracy is pure fantasy - Jean-Bertrand Aristide’s tenure the exception to... Continue Reading →

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