Syrian Peace Talks to Start January 29

Syrian Peace Talks to Start January 29 by Stephen Lendman On Monday, Arab League/UN envoy to Syria Steffan de Mistura announced the date without indicating who’ll participate. From what’s known, US/Saudi-backed terrorist groups will be involved, including Jaish al-Islam (Army of Islam). It operates like ISIS, equally ruthless, responsible for the August 2013 Ghouta, Syria... Continue Reading →

Bloomberg Independent Presidential Bid?

Bloomberg Independent Presidential Bid? by Stephen Lendman Multi-billionaire/former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg reportedly has advisors preparing plans for a possible independent presidential bid. He’s unhappy about Trump’s likely Republican nomination and both Democrat contenders. Earlier, he considered a third-party run, deciding he couldn’t win. What makes him think now is different, he’ll have to... Continue Reading →

Human Rights Watch Blasts Illegal Israeli Settlements

Human Rights Watch Blasts Illegal Israeli Settlements by Stephen Lendman Israel’s settlement project flagrantly violates international law. Over 600,000 settlers occupy stolen Palestinian land. Fourth Geneva prohibits an occupying power from transferring its citizens to the territory it occupies, as well as displacing people from their land to permit it.  Lawless development has been ongoing... Continue Reading →

More Lies About Russian Airstrikes Killing Civilians in Syria

More Lies About Russian Airstrikes Killing Civilians in Syria by Stephen Lendman The misnamed, one-man operated, London-based, Western-supported Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) issues daily anti-Assad/anti-Russian propaganda reports, consistent misinformation substituting for hard facts. Its latest on January 24 turned truth on its head, headlining “Russian and Syrian warplanes kill 164 civilians in revenge... Continue Reading →

Syrian Army Captures Strategic Town

Syrian Army Captures Strategic Town by Stephen Lendman Since Russia’s Syrian anti-terrorist aerial campaign began, government forces made steady gains, retaking previous lost territory. Over the weekend, the strategically important town of Rabi’a was captured, ISIS’ second Lattakia province stronghold, a key government victory. After hours of heavy fighting, Syrian forces regained full control. Russian... Continue Reading →

NYT Misreporting on Syria

NYT Misreporting on Syria by Stephen Lendman The Times consistently suppresses what’s most important to report, notably on geopolitical issues. Managed news misinformation substitutes, willful deception. On January 23, it discussed Washington’s (sinister) alliance with Saudi Arabia on Syria, a code-named Timber Sycamore - suppressing information on Obama’s war of aggression, launched for regime change,... Continue Reading →

Turmoil in Moldova

Turmoil in Moldova by Stephen Lendman Most Americans likely never heard of the tiny former Soviet republic, landlocked in Eastern Europe, bordering Ukraine and Romania - its population around 3.5 million. Political and economic crisis gripped the country last year, beginning in March. Protests followed hard times for ordinary Moldovans, exacerbated by an enormous corruption... Continue Reading →

Chinese President Xi in Tehran

Chinese President Xi in Tehran by Stephen Lendman China is Iran’s largest trading partner, including oil and gas, along with billions of dollars in other products and services. On Friday, President Xi Jinping arrived in Tehran, officially welcomed by Iranian President Hassan Rohani.  The visit was the first by a Chinese head of state in... Continue Reading →

Extremist Rabbi Wants All Palestinians Killed

Extremist Israeli Rabbi Wants All Palestinians Killed by Stephen Lendman Slow-motion genocide is longstanding official Israeli policy. Shmuel Eliyahu is chief rabbi of Safed, Israel and Chief Rabbinate Council member. He wants genocide speeded up. More on this below. In July 2013, he sought to become Sephardi Chief Rabbi of Israel. Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein... Continue Reading →

Russia/US Compromise on Syrian Peace Talks Delegations

Russia/US Compromise on Syrian Peace Talks Delegations by Stephen Lendman Endless war largely affecting Syrian civilians rages, ongoing for nearly five years, launched by Obama for regime change, wanting the Syrian Arab Republic transformed into another US vassal state. Washington’s policy remains firm. Earlier peace talks achieved nothing. Expect no better results this time. Whatever... Continue Reading →

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