Israel Arrests Jewish Activist on Fraudulent Charges

Israel Arrests Jewish Activist on Fraudulent Charges by Stephen Lendman Israel arrested Ezra Nawi without just cause. A police state sting operation targeted him because of his activism.  He’s held incommunicado, denied contact with legal counsel for five days, perhaps longer. An illegal gag order barring revelation of his identity and information about his case... Continue Reading →

US War on ISIS: A Complete Hoax

US War on ISIS: A Complete Hoax by Stephen Lendman US post-9/11 war on terror reflects willful state-sponsored deception - media scoundrels complicit in conning the public to believe Washington opposes what it actively supports. ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra and various splinter groups are US creations, used as imperial foot soldiers, flourishing because Washington... Continue Reading →

Erdogan’s War on Academic Freedom

Erdogan’s War on Academic Freedom by Stephen Lendman Erdogan considers criticism of his rogue policies treason, going all-out to solidify unchallenged fascist rule, wanting opposition elements eliminated, waging war on press and academic freedom. State-controlled Anadolu Agency news reported police arresting 12 academics (among over 1,100 others worldwide), signing a declaration - denouncing terror war... Continue Reading →

French Foreign Minister Irresponsibly Accuses Russia of Killing Civilians in Syria

French Foreign Minister Irresponsibly Accuses Russia of Killing Civilians in Syria by Stephen Lendman Russia uses state-of-the-art precision-guided weapons in its Syrian aerial campaign, accurately striking targets aimed at.  Painstaking efforts are taken to hit ISIS and other terrorist elements only, scrupulously avoiding civilian casualties. Photographic evidence proves it. Claims otherwise are Big Lies. Washington... Continue Reading →

Phony Claims of Iran Mistreating US Sailors Briefly Held Captive

Phony Claims of Iran Mistreating US Sailors Briefly Held Captive by Stephen Lendman On Tuesday, Iranian forces seized two small US naval vessels, provocatively operating three nautical miles within Iran’s territorial waters. Pentagon and State Department claims about mechanical problems responsible for their location were dubious at best.  Washington spies intensively on Iran, both vessels... Continue Reading →

Turkey’s Ruthless Agenda

Turkey’s Ruthless Agenda by Stephen Lendman Turkey under Erdogan threatens regional peace and stability - complicit with Washington, Israel, Saudi Arabia and other rogue partners. His delusional goal is Ottoman revival, incorporating northern Syria and Iraq into Turkish territory, a foolhardy objective he won’t achieve.  He seeks unchallenged iron-fisted rule, supports ISIS and other terrorist... Continue Reading →

Swedish Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Extrajudicially Killing Palestinias

Swedish Foreign Minister Accuses Israel of Extrajudicially Killing Palestinians by Stephen Lendman Israel murders Palestinians with impunity, Western leaders largely turning a blind to high crimes demanding accountability. On the phony pretext of combating nonexistent Palestinian terrorism, Israeli soldiers and police escalated state terror last October - committing daily murders, mass arresting innocent victims, systematically... Continue Reading →

Are Terrorist Attacks in Turkey State-Sponsored?

Are Terrorist Attacks in Turkey State-Sponsored? by Stephen Lendman Blaming recent terrorist attacks in Turkish cities on ISIS (or other non-state actors) is dubious at best. Erdogan supports Daesh. Why would it target a valued ally? The latest incidents happened this week following earlier ones. An alleged suicide bomber killed 10 tourists in Istanbul’s historic... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Latest Big Lies

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Latest Big Lies by Stephen Lendman Kerry is a notorious serial liar, a disgrace to the office he holds, an unindicted war criminal, indifferent to human suffering. On Wednesday, he addressed the National Defense University in Washington on US foreign policy - concealing its global horrors. He praised Obama’s State of the... Continue Reading →

Does Washington Plan Greater Middle East War?

Does Washington Plan Greater Middle East War? by Stephen Lendman The region already is cauldron of endless violence and chaos. US imperial ruthlessness bears full responsibility. Iranian naval commander Rear Admiral Ali Fadavi accused Washington of reckless moves, risking war with the Islamic Republic. His remarks followed seizure of two small US vessels illegally operating... Continue Reading →

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