Netanyahu Calls Arabs Predatory Animals

Netanyahu Calls Arabs Predatory Animals
by Stephen Lendman
Netanyahu heads a viciously racist state, demeaning Arabs throughout its existence. Democracy is pure fantasy, hypocrisy from inception, tyranny worse than ever now.
The current regime intends creating a greater fortress Israel than already, building more walls, encircling the country to protect it from “Arab predators,” to keep out “the beasts,” according to Netanyahu.
“(W)e will encircle the whole country with fences and barriers,” he bellowed. Maybe he has in mind building a roof over it. 
His lunatic schemes have no limit, including waging endless war on defenseless Palestinian civilians, murdering them in cold blood.
He announced his scheme while touring the Israeli/Jordanian border, along with saying he’s “formulating a plan to seal off the openings in the security fence in the West Bank,”- code language for isolating Palestinians in cantonized communities, cut off from each other, escalating occupation harshness, assuring heightened tensions.
“At the end of the day,” he blustered, “there will be a fence like this one (bordering Jordan under construction) surrounding its entirety…We will surround the entire State of Israel with a fence, a barrier.”
Building it is part of a multi-year project, including a new barrier along the Gaza border, costing billions of dollars overall, US taxpayers picking up part of the cost.
Last month, building the fence bordering Jordan began, about 30 km initially from Eilat to beyond a Timma Valley international airport under construction.
Irresponsible fence-building costing billions instead of fence-mending costing nothing, creating peace and good will, is one of many examples of outrageous Israeli policy.
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