Russia Proposes New Syria Peace Plan

Russia Proposes New Syria Peace Plan
by Stephen Lendman
Russia’s best efforts for peace throughout nearly five years of war in Syria failed because Washington wants war.
Nothing suggests US policy changed. Syria is Obama’s war, naked aggression against a nonbelligerent country, using ISIS and other terrorist groups as imperial foot soldiers. 
There’s nothing civil about ongoing conflict. Syria was invaded. Claims otherwise are Western propaganda, maliciously blaming Assad for US-led high crimes.
Geneva I, II and III peace talks failed. Sergey Lavrov prepared an alternative approach, saying “(d)uring our contacts with Washington, we have proposed an absolutely concrete plan which they are now studying…I hope the simple proposals the plan contains will not take too much time for Washington to consider.”
He left details unexplained until a diplomatically appropriate time to reveal them – at the same time noting longstanding anti-Russian “information war” waged by the West, a tension-heightening agenda, risking direct confrontation.
Moscow is irresponsibly blamed for Geneva III’s collapse – truth turned on its head claiming worse conditions now on the ground than earlier. 
Its anti-terrorist campaign is the most positive development in the conflict so far – greatly disrupting Washington’s regional imperial objectives, a key reason why Russia bashing continues so intensely, malicious Western propaganda, hard truths suppressed.
Moscow’s patience, resilience, fortitude and tireless world-class diplomatic efforts in the face of endless US-led Western hostility are truly remarkable, outclassing and outwitting rival nations, showing Putin is a master chess player committed to world peace and stability.
Endless fighting rages. Increasing numbers of US combat troops are planned for northern Syria. How many remains to be seen and how they’ll be used. Pentagon bombing of infrastructure and government sites continues.
At the same time, Russia’s effective aerial campaign let Syrian ground forces retake previous areas lost to ISIS and other terrorist groups.
On Wednesday, the strategic Menagh air base north of Aleppo was recaptured. Efforts to encircle the city and cut off supplies reaching terrorists continue.
Turkey and Saudi Arabia threatened to intervene militarily. Whether they’re bluffing remains to be seen. The reliable Saker web site noted signs of Erdogan’s “grand plan” entirely “collaps(ing) with “no more options left.”
He won’t move belligerently against Syria or any other country without US approval or complicity. He’s free to saber-rattle all he wishes and remain a major regional irritant – so long as his actions don’t conflict with Washington’s.
Whatever happens going forward, Russia’s response will strictly observe international law principles – how it operates in all geopolitical relations.
The Saker explained if its forces are attacked, they’ll “hit back” in response. International law supports the right of self-defense. At the same time, Russia’s overall response “will depend on what the Turks really try to achieve.” 
They violate Syrian and Iraqi borders frequently. Its troops operate in northern Iraq despite Baghdad demanding they leave.
If Erdogan launches a limited Syrian incursion, Russia will likely “pressure” him “non-militar(ily),” the Saker explained. If greater escalation is planned, Moscow will respond appropriately, going all-out to avoid full-scale war with a NATO member or any other nation.
If Erdogan wants one, supported by Washington, Russia will do whatever it takes to defend its interests and security.
Will Saudi troops invade Syria? The Saker calls Riyadh’s military “a joke, a degenerate…force barely capable of engaging” Yemeni Houthis effectively – after nearly a year of conflict, unable to change the dynamic on the ground.
Saudi forces will be decisively defeated if they dare invade Syria. The Saker explained, mincing no words, saying “Syrians, Russians, Iranians and Hezbollah will all try to race each other to be the first one to finally get a hold of these SOBs and teach them a lesson they shall not forget in a long time.”
At the same time, he doesn’t believe Erdogan, his advisors and military commanders “are crazy enough to (risk) war with Russia or even invade Syria.”
He calls Erdogan “a maniac…his entire staff…composed of (likeminded) lunatics.” How long EU nations intend putting up with his antics remains to be seen.
A likely red line is opposing full-scale invasion of Syria, risking war with Russia. Lavrov said he doesn’t think US-led Western nations will tolerate “such crazy plans.” Hopefully he’s right.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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