Phony Claims About America Supporting Its Troops Exposed

Phony Claims About America Supporting its Troops Exposed
by Stephen Lendman
Surprisingly, the Pentagon’s Stars and Stripes publication headlined “Lacking basic gear, special (forces) stuck buying their own equipment.”
Former Navy SEAL Sean Matson said his head was measured four times before each deployment – for “a more advanced ballistic helmet” never provided.
He and six other SEALs had to spend about $900 on their own for helmets with “lights, communications devices and batteries needed for their missions.”
Instead of fulfilling its obligation to support its troops, the Navy increasingly leaves them on their own to pay for needed gear. 
At the same time, the Pentagon wastes trillions of dollars on unneeded weapons or others failing to work as intended.
Last week, Matson and “others involved in the military’s unofficial civilian-side supply network” met with House members on Capitol Hill, Stars and Stripes reported.
Congressmen involved intend querying Defense Secretary Ashton Carter for an explanation. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R. CA) said special operations forces approached him in his California district, “complaining about the inability to get needed materials, and he has been investigating the issue,” Stars and Stripes said.
Hunter claims numerous instances of supply chain systemic problems, saying “(i)t’s been impossible for me to find out how the money is getting stopped and why it is not going down to where it’s supposed to be.”
Aaron Negherbon is executive director of Troops Direct, involved in providing requested supplies to US servicemen unable to get what they need through military sources.
US forces often have to buy items the Pentagon is responsible for providing, he explained, spending hundreds of dollars of their own money.
Claims about an alleged supply chain breakdown belie contempt at the highest Defense Department levels for the welfare of US forces deployed to war zones. 
War-profiteers enjoy lavish handouts, the needs of US military forces given short shrift – easily replaceable cannon fodder.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
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