Futile Diplomatic Efforts to Resolve Syria’s Conflict

Futile Diplomatic Efforts to Resolve Syria’s Conflict by Stephen Lendman America’s rage for war assures protracted Syrian conflict. Nothing in prospect suggests resolution. US claims otherwise are a complete fabrication. Washington continues supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups, using them as imperial foot soldiers - intending endless war until Syrian sovereignty is replaced by another... Continue Reading →

New US Syria Strategy Aims to Con Russia

New US Syria Strategy Aims to Con Russia  by Stephen Lendman Months of Russian air power and rejuvenated Syrian ground forces making significant gains against ISIS and other terrorist groups got Washington to change strategy. Wanting to avoid direct confrontation with Russia, it relies on deception - conning Moscow to cease bombing terrorist infested northern... Continue Reading →

America’s Farcical Political Season Rolls On

America’s Farcical Political Season Rolls On by Stephen Lendman America’s Big Money-controlled political process is hopelessly corrupted - mocking democratic legitimacy. None exists. Duopoly power one-party-rule with two wings excludes it - independents entirely shut out, voters having no say whatever.  Primary season is pure theater with no substance. Voters thinking their choice matters in... Continue Reading →

Liberating Syria Requires Defeating Terrorism

Liberating Syria Requires Defeating Terrorism by Stephen Lendman Preserving Syrian sovereignty depends on eliminating the scourge of US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups - continuing the unrelenting campaign against them. US calls for cessation of hostilities and Geneva III talks reflect pure deception. Washington wants war, not peace. Ceasefire, if implemented, furthers its imperial objectives,... Continue Reading →

Provocative US Militarization of South China Sea

Provocative US Militarization of South China Sea by Stephen Lendman In 2011, Obama announced his Asia pivot, prioritizing America reasserting its Pacific presence - intending to advance its military footprint aggressively. The aim is challenging China’s growing economic, political and military strength, along with checking Russia - pressuring Asian nations to ally with Washington’s agenda... Continue Reading →

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