Libyans Have No Reason to Celebrate

Libyans Have No Reason to Celebrate by Stephen Lendman Five years ago today, February 17, US-led NATO began raping and destroying North Africa’s most developed country. Gaddafi enjoyed widespread support for good reason, providing extraordinary social and other benefits for all Libyans - ones Americans can’t imagine. The naked aggression Obama and Hillary Clinton as... Continue Reading →

When Challenging Russia’s Effective Syrian Campaign Fails, Pout!

When Challenging Russia’s Effective Syrian Campaign Fails, Pout! by Stephen Lendman Russia’s intervention last September perhaps snatched eventual Syrian victory from the jaws of defeat - foiling US imperial plans to establish another colony, no matter the human cost. US policymakers are frantic, unable to come up with an effective strategy, countering Russian/Syrian military successes... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Latest Putin Bashing Shows Desparation

Obama’s Latest Putin Bashing Shows Desperation by Stephen Lendman Putin’s intervention last year in Syria was a geopolitical masterstroke - battling US-supported ISIS and other terrorist groups, halting their advance, systematically smashing them, confronting America’s regional imperial agenda, so far effectively foiling it. Ousting Assad and installing a US-controlled puppet regime in Damascus is key... Continue Reading →

Israeli Police Detain US Journalists on Spurious Grounds of Incitement

Israeli Police Detain US Journalists on Spurious Grounds of Incitement by Stephen Lendman So-called “incitement” is a phony Israeli catch-all pretext for detaining, brutalizing or murdering anyone considered resisting its vicious occupation - illegal under international law. On Tuesday, Washington Post Jerusalem bureau chief William Booth and reporter Sufian Taha (a city resident) were lawlessly... Continue Reading →

Is US Instigated Cold War About to Get Hot?

Is US Instigated Cold War About to Get Hot? by Stephen Lendman Today is the most perilous time in world history. I’ve said it many times. I stress it again now!! Money controlled duopoly power rules America. Bipartisan neocons infest Washington. They make or influence policy.  Their fascist political system demands endless wars, replacing all independent... Continue Reading →

Phantom Free Syrian Army Moderate Rebels

Phantom Free Syrian Army Moderate Rebels by Stephen Lendman So-called Free Syrian Army moderates exist only in US-led Western and media scoundrel propaganda reports - along with deliberate deception from Saudi Arabia, Turkey and other regional rogue states. No such forces exist. All anti-Syrian elements are US-created terrorist groups, including ISIS, Al Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusra... Continue Reading →

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