Provocative Saudi-Led Regional Military Exercises

Provocative Saudi-Led Regional Military Exercises by Stephen Lendman Saudi Arabia’s support for ISIS and other terrorist groups, as part of Washington’s regional imperial agenda, threatens world peace and security. According to the state-controlled Saudi Press Agency (SPA), 20 Middle East and North African countries will participate in Ra’ad Al-Shamal (Thunder of the North) military exercises.... Continue Reading →

Imminent Turkish/Saudi Escalation in Syria Coming?

Imminent Turkish/Saudi Escalation in Syria Coming? by Stephen Lendman Russia’s intervention in Syria last fall shifted momentum in Assad’s favor, letting government forces regain lost ground, putting Washington’s Middle East project in jeopardy. US officials are desperate to turn things around. Their strategy may be to use Turkish and Saudi forces as proxies to do... Continue Reading →

Russian Premier Warns Against East/West Confrontation

Russian Premier Warns Against East/West Confrontation by Stephen Lendman On Saturday, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev addressed Munich Security Conference participants. He spoke ominously, warning about a new Cold War turning hot, a perilous time in world history because of US-led Western attempts to force-feed their system on independent nations. Instead of peace and stability,... Continue Reading →

Brutal US Injustice

Brutal US Injustice by Stephen Lendman Injustice is longstanding US policy. Thousands of political prisoners languish under horrific conditions in its homeland and overseas gulags, denied their fundamental rights, brutally mistreated out of sight and mind. Guilt by accusation is automatic for anyone Washington wants convicted. Innocence is no defense, manufactured evidence used or none... Continue Reading →

Noted Diplomat Blasts Israeli Viciousness

Noted Diplomat Blasts Israeli Viciousness by Stephen Lendman In January, UN Special Rapporteur for human rights in Palestine, Makarim Wibisono, resigned effective March 31, frustrated by Israeli obstruction, preventing him from doing his job. In a report to the UN Human Rights Council, he said his best “efforts to help improve the lives of Palestinian... Continue Reading →

Syria Demands International Action Against Turkish Aggression

Syria Demands International Action Against Turkish Aggression by Stephen Lendman A separate article discussed Erdogan-ordered Turkish cross-border shelling of Kurdish YPG and Syrian forces - calling it a provocative US-approved act of war! Damascus reacted sharply, its Foreign Ministry condemning naked Turkish aggression, saying: “Turkish artillery shelling of Syrian territory constitutes direct support to the... Continue Reading →

Antonin Scalia’s Passing

Antonin Scalia’s Passing by Stephen Lendman Appointed Associate Supreme Court Justice by Ronald Reagan in 1986, he represented core hard-right neocon extremism throughout his tenure. Its ending saddens no one for governance serving all its people equitably and fairly, not just its privileged few. Scalia was ideologically over-the-top. He supported rolling back civil liberties, defiling... Continue Reading →

Futile Diplomacy to Resolve Syria’s Conflict

Futile Diplomacy to Resolve Syria’s Conflict by Stephen Lendman Russia’s forthright diplomatic efforts continue tirelessly, committed to resolve Syria’s conflict responsibly - a futile effort without a serious US peace partner. Washington wants war, not peace. At the Munich Security Conference, John Kerry admitted as much, saying conflict won’t end as long as Assad remains... Continue Reading →

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Latest Big Lies

Deconstructing John Kerry’s Latest Big Lies by Stephen Lendman As secretary of state, Kerry is Washington’s imperial front man, its lead spokesman, complicit in its high crimes, justifying the unjustifiable, pretending to want peace while endless US wars rage. Addressing Munich Security Conference participants, he repeated tired old Big Lies, featuring long ago discredited US... Continue Reading →

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