The Sordid NYT anti-Russia Bashing Machine

The Sordid NYT Anti-Russia Bashing Machine by Stephen Lendman Do disreputable pubic and/or private sources pay off the misnamed newspaper of record to bash Russia and Vladimir Putin irresponsibly?  Is it bribed to lie, to suppress hard truths? It owes its readers an explanation, none forthcoming so far, none expected. Relentlessly it reports malicious misinformation... Continue Reading →

Saudi Warplanes to Bomb Syria?

Saudi Warplanes to Bomb Syria? by Stephen Lendman US warplanes having been bombing Syrian infrastructure and government sites since late 2014 - on the phony pretext of combating ISIS. British, French, Canadian and Australian warplanes joined them. Israel intermittently launches its own aerial and at times cross-border shelling attacks. Syria is victimized by a US-led... Continue Reading →

Devastating Toll of Obama’s Rape of Syria

Devastating Toll of Obama’s Rape of Syria by Stephen Lendman Wherever America shows up, genocidal slaughter, vast destruction and unspeakable human misery follow. Syria is Obama’s highest of high crimes among numerous others on his deplorable rap sheet. A special place in hell awaits him, a lower level Dante forgot. According to the Syrian Center... Continue Reading →

Syria Winning the Strategic Battle of Aleppo

Syria Winning the Strategic Battle of Aleppo by Stephen Lendman Liberating Aleppo city (Syria’s pre-war commercial hub) and province are key to achieving military victory in Syria. A longterm struggle continues with no foreseeable end in sight, not as long as Washington and its rogue allies continue supplying ISIS and other terrorist groups with arms,... Continue Reading →

Assad: Righteously Defending Syrian Sovereignty

Assad: Righteously Defending Syrian Sovereignty by Stephen Lendman It bears constant repetition to counter vicious US-led anti-Syrian propaganda, repeated by media scoundrels, featuring scurrilous reporting, suppressing what’s most important to reveal. Syria is Obama’s war, US-created and supported ISIS and terrorists recruited from scores of countries across the Middle East and the West, used as... Continue Reading →

Syria Ceasefire Deal in Munich? Hold the Cheers

Syria Ceasefire Deal in Munich? Hold the Cheers by Stephen Lendman How can fighting cease when Washington wants it continued, when it deplores peace and wants war, when it continues supporting ISIS and other terrorist groups using them as imperial foot soldiers, when key NATO and regional allies want fighting continued until sovereign Syria is... Continue Reading →

US Demand Halt to Russia’s Real War on Terrorism

US Demands Halt to Russia’s Real War on Terrorism by Stephen Lendman It doesn’t surprise. Longstanding US hypocrisy and double standards are notorious. Do as we say, not as we do is official policy.  Rogue states operate this way. Washington rules override all others, notably international, constitutional and US statute laws. Democracy is pure fantasy.... Continue Reading →

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