Scandalous EU/Turkey Refugee Deal

Scandalous EU/Turkey Refugee Deal
by Stephen Lendman
Wars cause human floods to flee for safe havens. EU countries complicit with Washington’s endless wars of aggression bear full responsibility for the severest refugee crisis since WW II – a high crime without accountability.
Thousands continue fleeing war theaters in desperation, unwanted when arriving in Europe, treated like criminals or garbage to be disposed of.
Brussels representing 28 EU countries and Turkey conspired to punish desperate people needing help, turning their backs on them contemptuously.
Ankara is being bribed with about $6.7 billion and other concessions to turn Turkey into a virtual concentration camp for millions of refugees, warehousing them under appalling conditions, denying them all rights – letting a fascist police state mistreat them with impunity, and be rewarded for it.
EU countries sealed their borders. Brussels pledging to accept one properly vetted Syrian refugee for every one returned to Turkey from Greece is a ruse to accept minimal numbers, ideally none at all – desperate people left to rot on their own, endure horrific mistreatment, maybe perish for lack of the ability to survive.
UN refugee agency (UNHCR) European director Vincent Cochetel blasted the EU/Turkey deal, calling it a gross violation of European and international laws.
“Collective expulsion of foreigners is prohibited under the European Convention on Human Rights. An agreement that would be tantamount to a blanket return of any foreigners to a third country is not consistent with European law, is not consistent with international law,” he explained.
Resettlement agreed on makes a deplorable situation far worse. Cocketel said he’s “tired of hearing about irregular migrants.” 
The vast majority of desperate people seeking safe haven in European countries are refugees fleeing war theaters, mainly Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya – US-led NATO targets of premeditated naked aggression.
Amnesty International (AI) called the agreed on refugee deal “a historic blow to human rights…collective ‘double-speak’…hiding the myriad of contradictions,” ignoring a major refugee crisis affecting millions, thousands more desperate people affected daily.
AI’s John Dalhuisen called Brussels/Turkey deal a “sugar-coat(ed) cyanide pill…Guarantees to scrupulously respect international law are incompatible with the touted return to Turkey of all (so-called) irregular migrants arriving” in Greece as of March 20.
Resettling them in Turkey assures endless misery, and for some perhaps a death sentence. EU countries partnering with Washington’s endless wars of aggression mock so-called Western civilization standards. 
Turning their backs on desperate people they bear full responsibility for to help elevates their criminality to a higher level – an appalling affront to humanity.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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