Media Hype Terrorism Following Brussels Blasts

Media Hype Terrorism Following Brussels Blasts
by Stephen Lendman
Western media operate irresponsibly in lockstep, reporting state-sponsored propaganda, keeping news consumers misinformed about major issues affecting everyone.
Knee-jerk reporting following Tuesday’s Brussels blasts hyped “terrorism” – despite no credible evidence proving it.
The official narrative is accepted unquestioningly. Big Lies and misinformation substitute for hard truths. Dissenting views aren’t allowed, notably when evidence corroborates them.
New York Times editors shun responsible journalistic standards. “Standing With Brussels Against Terrorism and Fear,” they hyped – blaming ISIS for what happened despite no credible evidence proving it, repeating the official narrative proving nothing.
State-sponsored fear-mongering followed, saying “the world must brace for a long struggle against this form of terrorism (including) intensified counterterrorism efforts…”
“That means courage and steadfastness in the face of a threat that will take many years to eliminate.”
Fact: Terrorism is a Western creation, notably ISIS and other high-profile groups, unable to exist and function without considerable outside support.
Fact: No credible evidence indicates Tuesday’s Brussels blasts were terrorist acts. Plenty based on past history suggests state-sponsored responsibility.
Times editors urge greater security measures without explaining loss of fundamental freedoms in the process.
They ignored US-led state-sponsored terrorism on a global scale – imperial wars killing millions, endless violence, chaos and human misery following them.
Brussels blasts provide a convenient excuse for planned horrors to follow, nations becoming increasingly unfit to live in, their governments bearing full responsibility.
Washington Post editors used Brussels blasts to bash Trump’s foreign policy. He’s a private citizen, holding no public office, having never served in government.
Obama’s wars throughout his tenure were ignored, bombing seven countries posing America no threat, naked aggression by any standard, warranting accountability not forthcoming.
WaPo hyped “the resilience and continued menace of (ISIS) to Europe, to the United States and to vital Western interests” – instead of explaining the terrorist group and likeminded ones serve their imperial agenda.
They claimed “a crucial divide among US presidential candidates about what (America) must do to protect itself” – not explaining the single most important step to take.
Stop supporting terrorism and it’ll wither and fade to insignificance. Stop arming, funding and training death squads, and they’ll no longer exist.
Clinton, Sanders, Cruz and Kasich favor endless wars on the US created terrorist scourge instead of demanding support for it end.
Trump is reluctant to go nuclear against it, at the same time expressing Islamophobic views like his rival aspirants.
WaPo editors ludicrously hyped the need for America’s support for Europe, calling it more crucial now “than any time since 1940,” months after Hitler invaded Poland in September 1939, starting WW II.
They blasted Trump’s reluctance to be as overtly belligerent as his rival aspirants, notably Clinton and Cruz, wanting endless war on terrorism, a Western creation, a pretext for war on humanity.
As president if elected, Trump will be a warrior like his predecessors – not a peacemaker like Jack Kennedy, assassinated to assure endless US wars for dominance and huge corporate profits.
Chicago Tribune editors hyped “Brussels bleeds,” calling Tuesday’s blasts “shocking…but not surprising,” claiming “terrorists have significantly refined their techniques and strategies over the past few years” – without explaining likely state-sponsored responsibility for what happened.
Western media reports, commentaries and editorials followed the official narrative about what happened in Brussels and other high-profile violent incidents – instead of featuring responsible journalism, facts as they’re known, not state-sponsored propaganda.
Ignore them. Rely exclusively on reliable independent sources, largely available online.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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