Netanyahu’s AIPAC Address

Netanyahu’s AIPAC Address
by Stephen Lendman
He addressed the conference live by satellite. Like Obama, his remarks make painful listening, substituting misinformation and Big Lies for hard truths – accepted by AIPAC attendees as a legitimate leader, instead of denouncing his world-class thug status, his high crimes too grave to ignore.
He called Tuesday’s blasts in Brussels “terrorist attacks,” despite no verifiable evidence proving it – by implication equating them to Palestinian resistance, legitimate self-defense, not terrorism.
Israeli state terrorism and America’s presence reflect the region’s greatest threats, victims irresponsibly blamed for their high crimes.
Netanyahu repeated the Big Lie about Israel being “the Middle East’s only true democracy” – for its privileged Jews alone, a rogue terror state for Occupied Palestinians and its own Arab citizens.
He turned truth on its head, claiming Israel is “subjected to consistent, systematic discrimination” at the UN…condemnation at the (pro-Western) UN Human Council…hounded by UN bodies expressly established to delegitimize its very existence.”
He shamelessly accused Palestinians of trying to “stab their way to a state,” ignoring soldiers and police committing daily extrajudicial executions – state-sponsored terrorism against an entire population.
Claiming he supports peace and stability belies his ruthless record, his high crimes committed unaccountably, his consistent unwillingness to negotiate in good faith, against granting Palestinians international law guaranteed rights, insisting they accept his demands unconditionally.
“Palestinian children are taught to stab Jews,” he bellowed. “They are taught (to want) all of Israel” for a nation-state. 
No evidence supports this rubbish, typical Netanyahu hate-mongering, absent verifiable facts, blaming Palestinian victims for his high crimes, maliciously claiming they “kill Israelis because they’re Jews, willfully lying to 18,000 conference attendees doting on his every word, accepting his Big Lies as gospel truth.
“If the international community really wants to advance peace, it must demand that the Palestinians stop poisoning the minds of their children,” he ranted. 
“If the international community wants to advance peace, it must address the true core of the conflict: the persistent Palestinian refusal to accept a Jewish state in any borders.”
If the international community wants peace, it’ll hold US and Israeli war criminals accountable for their high crimes, along with their rogue partners – starting with Obama and Netanyahu. 
They’re both alike, demagogues proliferating Big Lies, enemies of world peace and stability, waging endless wars of aggression – their nuclear arsenals able to incinerate us all.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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