Brazil’s Lower House Speaker Backtracking on Annulling Impeachment Vote

Brazil’s Lower House Speaker Backtracks on Annulling Impeachment Vote
by Stephen Lendman
A same day article explained US-manipulated dark forces wanting President Dilma Rousseff impeached without just cause hit a speed bump on Monday when lower house interim speaker Waldir Maranhao annulled the vote against her because of procedural irregularities.
Something is rotten in Brasilia. Overnight Monday, he about-faced, saying “I revoke my decision issued May 9, 2016, in which the lower house sessions were annulled.” Was he pressured, bribed or threatened?
He gave no change of heart reasons. Brazilian media reported his party members threatened to expel him if he didn’t reverse course. He also faces possible corruption charges, perhaps deciding supporting right-wing Brazilian lawmakers keeps him less vulnerable to indictment.
A Wednesday evening Senate impeachment vote is scheduled. If approved by simple majority, Rousseff will have to temporarily step down for 180 days until a Senate trial convicts or exonerates her.
Attorney General Jose Eduardo Cardozo said she can appeal to Brazil’s Supreme Court to uphold Maranhao’s original decision, arguing he decided properly in accordance with constitutional law.
Eurasia Group analysts said appeal won’t likely help. Wednesday’s scheduled Senate vote “is likely to hold.”
If it goes ahead as planned, a US-manipulated bloodless coup may unseat another Latin America social democrat, tyranny replacing her.
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