UK and Jordanian Special Forces in Syria and Libya

UK and Jordanian Special Forces in Syria and Libya
by Stephen Lendman
US special forces operate in over two-thirds of world countries. They infest every continent except Antarctica.
They’re conduct more covert missions now than at the height of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars. The Bush administration deployed them in around 60 countries.
Obama more than doubled the number to about 135. Missions undertaken tripled during his tenure, countless billions of dollars spent advancing America’s imperium. 
These forces are highly trained killers – heavily involved covertly in all US conflict theaters, besides numerous others, targeting so-called threats to US hegemony worldwide.
Special forces from Western and other allied countries work with their US counterparts.
A memo leaked to London’s Guardian in late March said UK “SAS (special) forces (were) deployed in Libya” since January – “according to a confidential briefing given to US congressional leaders by” Jordan’s King Abdullah.
Plans are for Jordanian special forces to operate alongside them. He explained UK SAS elements are operating in southern Syria – “headed by a local commander and made up of tribal fighters…”
Their mission is combating Assad’s military. Britain’s Defense Ministry and high-ranking US senators withheld comment when contacted by the Guardian.
Jordan is heavily involved in America’s regional imperial project, along with Israel and other area rogue states. 
The memo leaked to the Guardian indicated Abdullah told US lawmakers:
  • Turkish President Erdogan “believes in a radical Islamic solution to the problems in the region…(T)errorists (allegedly) going to Europe is part of (his) policy…” He’s criticized without meaningful action taken to stop him.
  • Israel “looks the other way” on terrorists operating on its border with Syria – without explaining it actively supports ISIS and other regional terrorists groups along with Washington, responsible for creating them.
Abdullah revealed nothing already well known. US and other anti-Assad special forces have been operating in Syria covertly and overtly since conflict began in March 2011.
Fact: War in Syria isn’t civil, one of the biggest of Big Lies about the conflict.
Fact: Syria was invaded by US-created and supported death squads, recruits gotten from scores of regional and other countries.
Fact: Washington wants Syrian sovereign independence replaced by puppet governance it controls.
Fact: Cessation of hostilities is more sham than real. Endless conflict continues. 
Fact: Peace talks achieved nothing because Washington intends endless war. Syria is being systematically raped and destroyed. America’s imperial project shows no mercy.
Obama’s war relies on proliferating managed news misinformation and Big Lies. Americans are easily duped no matter how many previous times they were fooled.
ISIS and other terrorists are used as imperial foot soldiers. No moderate rebels exists. All anti-Assad forces are mercenary hired guns – unable to exist without foreign support.
Russia alone among world powers keeps working tirelessly for conflict resolution – its forthright efforts “rewarded” with relentless Big Lies about nonexistent “aggression.”
Endless war rages. Peace remains unattainable because Washington rejects it.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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