Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Despicable Record on Palestine

Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Despicable Record on Palestine
by Stephen Lendman
Campaigning for wife Hillary, Bill Clinton defended his indefensible record on Palestine, ignoring his (and Hillary’s) one-sided support for Israel. More on this below.
September 1993 Oslo on his watch was unilateral surrender, a Palestinian Versailles. Long-suffering people got nothing for renouncing armed struggle, recognizing Israel’s right to exist, and agreeing to leave major unresolved issues for later final status talks. They’re still waiting.
They include an independent sovereign Palestine free from occupation, the right of return, settlements, borders, air, water and other resource rights, as well as East Jerusalem as exclusive Palestinian territory and future capital.
A Palestinian Authority (PA) was created to serve Israeli interests. It was all downhill from there. Israeli settlements, military areas, no-go zones, nature reserves, commercial areas, by-pass roads, tourist areas, stolen land for Separation Wall construction, checkpoints and other barriers comprise over 60% of West Bank land and Palestinian East Jerusalem.
Oslo II followed. Then Wye River, Camp David, Taba, Bush’s Road Map, Annapolis and other dead-on-arrival conflict resolution negotiating rounds – Obama as hostile to Palestinian rights as Clinton while pretending otherwise.
Worse than ever occupation harshness exists under Netanyahu’s fascist rule. Two states once were possible. No longer. Israel controls most Palestinian land and intends stealing more.
US and EU leaders do nothing to stop its rapaciousness, its lawless ethnic cleansing, its targeted assassinations, its barbarism against the entire Palestinian population – treating Arabs as harshly as Hitler treated Jews, choosing slow-motion instead of industrial-scale genocide.
At a Friday New Jersey campaign event for wife Hillary, husband Bill was challenged on America’s one-sided support for Israel.
He lied, saying “I killed myself to give the Palestinians a state. I had a deal they turned down that would have given them all of Gaza.” He offered them nothing throughout his tenure.
In July 2000, he hosted Arafat and then Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak at Camp David. No agreement was reached, nothing put in writing, no documents or maps presented.
Yet Barack and Clinton insisted Arafat sign a “final agreement,” declare an “end of conflict,” and renounce any legal claim to land Israel wants exclusively for itself.
No responsible leader would have accepted outrageous terms presented. Arafat refused and was unfairly blamed. Israel later killed him in November 2004, in 2005 installed longtime collaborator Mahmoud Abbas to replace him. He remains Palestine’s illegitimate president, serving Israel, not his own people.
Throughout his tenure as president, Bill Clinton one-sidedly supported Israel. So did Hillary as first lady, US senator and secretary of state.
No matter who succeeds Obama, nothing will change. Palestinian lives and welfare don’t matter, their rights consistently denied, their land stolen by Arab-hating Israeli extremists wanting it all for themselves.
America and other Western states do nothing to change things responsibly. Palestinians are isolated on their own. Liberation depends on resisting Israeli tyranny – a sham democracy, a vicious rogue state.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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