Coup-Installed Interim Brazilian President Institutes Fascist Rule

Coup-Installed Interim Brazilian President Institutes Fascist Rule
by Stephen Lendman
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro called impeaching Rousseff a “made in the USA” coup, on national television saying:
“Powerful oligarchic, media and imperial forces have decided to finish with the progressive forces the popular revolutionary leaderships of the left in the continent.”
“The coup in Brazil is a grave and dangerous sign for the future stability and peace of (the entire) continent. “(T)he’re coming for Venezuela now.”
Governments in Ecuador, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Cuba are next. Washington wants the entire continent recolonized.
Obama waged war on democracy at home and abroad throughout his deplorable tenure, a vicious assault on fundamental freedoms, equity and justice.
As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton orchestrated Honduran President Manuel Zelaya’s ouster. Fascist despotism replaced him.
Haiti was militarized and plundered, democracy prohibited. A US-orchestrated 2010 coup attempt to oust Ecuador’s Rafael Correa failed. So was another last summer.
Correa denounced “clear evidence of a plot…to take over the (presidential) palace.” Dark forces headquartered in Washington want fascist rule replacing Ecuadorian democracy.
America’s dirty hands ousted Paraguay’s democratically elected President Fernando Lugo by parliamentary coup. His 2008 election ended six decades of repressive fascist rule. Impeachment without just cause reestablished neoliberal harshness – the same scheme repeated in Brazil.
A previous article explained illegitimate interim president Michel Temer straightaway replaced Rousseff’s cabinet with 22 right-wing members – all white business-friendly men, diversity excluded, no women, the first time a Brazilian government excluded them since the 1970s.
Eliminating nine mostly social ministries is less about leaner government and more about instituting neoliberal harshness.
Gone are ministries of women, human rights, culture, agrarian development, science and technology, as well as the Comptroller General’s independent status – likely to undermine investigating regime officials of corruption charges.
New justice minister Alexandre de Moraes formerly served as Sao Paulo security secretary, condemned for its brutal crackdowns.
Temer is a former, likely current, CIA asset. Earlier, he provided the agency with classified information, including on Brazilian politics under Lula and Rousseff.
Unelected right-wing extremists now rule, democratic governance eliminated, social justice on the chopping block for elimination, neoliberal harshness to replace it.
US war on BRICS nations continues, Russia and China its main targets. Countries representing a challenge to US hegemony are targeted for regime change – by color revolutions or war.
An inevitable showdown looms. The possibility of another world war with today’s super-weapons should scare everyone. Survival is up for grabs.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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