US-Supported “Moderate Rebels” Massacre Syrian Civilians

US-Supported “Moderate Rebels” Massacre Syrian Civilians
by Stephen Lendman
Ahrar al-Sham is a known terrorist group – as vicious and lawless as ISIS. Russia wants it listed as a Security Council designated terrorist organization along with Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam).
Washington and its rogue SC allies blocked it – continuing to support all terrorist groups in Syria while claiming otherwise. No “moderate” ones exist.
In late April, Sergey Lavrov said Russia “will soon raise the question in the UN Security Council of including those sabotaging and undermining the truce, but trying to hide under new names, on the terrorist list, along with Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra.”
US-supported terrorist groups are slaughtering Syrian civilians daily. On May 12, al-Zara in Hama province was attacked. Local police said “terrorists groups infiltrated into (the town).”
They massacred women and children, confiscated local homes and personal possessions. Prime Minister Wael al-Halaqi called the incident “a heinous crime against the whole world.”
Rogue Western and regional international community members support what demands condemnation, continuing endless war on Syria, making peace and stability unattainable.
An Ahrar al-Sham spokesman lied, claiming no atrocities were committed. Survivors explained otherwise, one villager saying “terrorists attacked (us). Many were killed (including) entire families.” 
“They killed elderly people, took children and women as captives.” They massacred defenseless people, some slaughtered in their own homes.
Scores were murdered in cold blood or taken hostage. Images on social media showed bodies of victimized women, terrorists standing beside them.
Washington refused to blame Ahrar al-Sham – on the one hand, calling Friday’s incident “unacceptable.” On the other, continuing to provide all terrorist groups in Syria and elsewhere regionally and beyond with arms, munitions, chemical and other illegal weapons, along with other material support.
Washington’s rage to oust Assad and destroy Syrian sovereignty makes peace unattainable. Endless war continues. 
Cessation of hostilities is farcical. Talks to resolve things collapsed. Another round later in May won’t prove more successful.
A Final Comment
Throughout over five years of Obama’s war on Syria, Amnesty International irresponsibly accused Assad of war crimes – ignoring his right of self-defense against US-sponsored terrorist invaders.
It wrongfully blamed Russian airstrikes for numerous civilian deaths, claiming its warplanes targeted residential areas, medical facilities and other nonmilitary sites – despite no corroborating evidence, plenty proving otherwise.
On Friday, it laid blame where it belongs, accusing terrorist groups for “repeatedly carr(ying) out indiscriminate attacks” on Aleppo neighborhoods – striking “civilian homes, markets and mosques, killing and injuring civilians.”
It accused Turkey, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States of providing terrorist groups in Syria with arms and other material support.
At the same time, it ignored US-led Western and Israeli support for terrorists ravaging Syria. Instead of condemning the war’s prime sponsors, it’s silent on what’s most vital to denounce.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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