Former NATO Deputy Commander Predicts Nuclear War with Russia

Former NATO Deputy Commander Predicts Nuclear War with Russia
by Stephen Lendman
UK General Alexander Richard David Shirreff served as deputy NATO commander from March 2011 – March 2014.
His new book is titled “2017 War With Russia: An urgent warning.” I wrote the first Amazon published review if it sticks, saying:
“Shirreff represents US-dominated NATO’s longstanding anti-Russian hostility, its endless wars of aggression, its threat to humanity, its wanting all independent countries replaced by pro-Western vassal states.”
“Washington will bear full responsibility for nuclear war if launched. Russia under Putin represents the best hope for world peace. America’s rage for dominance may kill us all.”
It’ll be too late to dispute me if the unthinkable happens. Shirreff is part of the menacing problem, the possibility of US-launched nuclear war on nonbelligerent Russia able to end life on earth.
His notions are recklessly opposite what’s needed, provoking direct confrontation with Russia, the unthinkable risk of nuclear war.
He absurdly predicts Moscow will seize eastern Ukraine territory, as well as invade Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – in response to NATO increasingly encroaching on its borders.
No evidence suggests it. Plenty shows NATO, not Russia, threatens world peace. At the book’s launch at London’s Royal United Services Institute, Sherriff said avoiding nuclear war requires NATO pre-positioning large numbers of combat troops in the Baltic states – polar opposite what’s needed.
Russia is the world’s preeminent peacemaker, US-dominated NATO its greatest threat. The Russian Federation never attacked another country.
It responsibly sent troops to Georgia in 2008 to protect its citizens after US-installed despot Mikheil Saakashvilli killed hundreds. Its action saved many lives.
Tired old accusations of nonexistent “Russian aggression” in Crimea and Ukraine lost credibility long ago.
US-dominated NATO wages endless wars of aggression. Major media complicity portrays them as humanitarian interventions.
Former NATO commander, retired US admiral James Stavridis in his forward to Shirreff’s book irresponsibly accused Putin of “chart(ing) a dangerous course that, if…allowed to continue, may lead inexorably to a clash with NATO. And that will mean a war that could so easily go nuclear.”
Sherriff lied, claiming “Russian use of nuclear weapons is hardwired into Moscow’s military strategy.” Calling it the West’s most dangerous adversary is recklessly opposite hard truth.
His formula for world peace is greater militarism and belligerence than already. He urged increased military spending at a time huge cutbacks and peace initiatives are needed.
The best way, perhaps the only way, to save humanity from devastating nuclear war is disbanding US-dominated NATO altogether – a monster threatening everyone worldwide.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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