US OAS Representative Calls Coup in Brazil an Exercise in Democracy

US OAS Representative Calls Coup in Brazil an Exercise in Democracy
Illegitimate US-supported putschists replaced democrats in 
Brazil. Legitimate governance in Latin America’s most important country sustained a major made-in-the-USA body blow.
Obama’s rap sheet added another high crime, part of longstanding US policy to replace all sovereign independent governments with puppet ones Washington controls.
The whole world knows America’s dirty hands orchestrated what happened – illegitimately impeaching a democratically elected president, replacing her with a former, likely current, CIA asset with virtually no popular support.
US orchestrated economic war and violent street actions aim to topple Venezuela’s government the same way. A fascist scourge threatens to turn Latin and Central America into a sinkhole of tyranny and corporate plunder.
Is declaring martial law and suspending constitutional rights the next shoe to drop in Brazil – a reign of terror by any standard? Is Dilma Rousseff’s security threatened? Will Washington try eliminating her altogether to solidify fascist rule?
America and Argentina alone back Brazil’s putschist regime. US OAS representative Michael Fitzpatrick turned truth on its head, claiming “there is a clear respect for democratic institutions  and a clear separation of powers.” 
“In Brazil, it is clearly the law that prevails, coming up with peaceable solution to disputes. There is nothing comparable between Brazil and Venezuela. It is in the latter where democracy is threatened.”
“We don’t believe that this is an example of a ‘soft coup’ or, for that matter, a coup of any sort. What happened in Brazil complied perfectly with legal constitutional procedure and totally respected democratic norms.”
False on all counts!! Made-in-the-USA tyranny replaced democracy. Interviewed by TeleSUR on Thursday, Former Brazilian President Lula Inacio da Silva said illegitimate interim president Michel Temer and his cronies are “changing everything,” positioning themselves to remain in power regardless of overwhelming public opposition.
RT International interviewed Rousseff. She blamed Brazilian oligarchs for ousting her, mincing no words in calling what happened a “coup.”
She vowed to keep fighting to remain president and uphold fundamental democratic rights. Brazil’s constitution authorizes impeachment only when evidence shows executive criminality.
No crime was committed, Rousseff stressed. There were no charges of criminal wrongdoing. Impeaching her was illegitimate, entirely for political reasons.
Temer is Washington’s man in Brazil. Oligarchs run things serving US and their own interests.
Chances for Rousseff to regain power are slim. Putschists allied with Washington controlling Brazil’s National Congress have months to solidify power during her impeachment trial, virtually certain to go against her.
Venezuela may be the next shoe to drop. Ecuador and Bolivia may follow. War-mongering fascists run America. Duopoly power wants its scourge spread worldwide.
The only solution is world revolution. US elections are meaningless theater, a waste of time, accomplishing nothing.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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