The Charade of Ceasefire in Syria While Fighting Rages

The Charade of Ceasefire in Syria While Fighting Rages by Stephen Lendman A Monday US/Russia joint statement “reconfirm(ing) (their) commitment to (ceasefire)” belies reality on the ground. Moscow supports what Washington rejects while claiming otherwise. Extending a “regime of calm” in Aleppo another 48 hours until midnight Wednesday failed to halt fighting. Aleppo remains a... Continue Reading →

Putin Honored Memory of His Father in Immortal Regiment March

Putin Honored Memory of His Father in Immortal Regiment March by Stephen Lendman Monday’s Moscow Victory Day commemoration was moving and impressive by any standard, honoring the memory of millions of Russians killed defending their homeland. Putin showed his humanity. Holding a photo of his father wounded in battle, one of millions of heroic WW... Continue Reading →

John Kerry Desecrated the Sprit and Significance of Russia’s Great Patriotic War Victory Over Nazism

John Kerry Desecrated the Spirit and Significance of Russia’s Great Patriotic War Victory Over Nazism by Stephen Lendman Soviet Russia’s immense contributions and sacrifices turned the tide of battle, enabling allied forces to defeat Nazi Germany. Ahead of Monday’s 71st anniversary of WW II’s end, Kerry congratulated EU countries on what they call Europe Day... Continue Reading →

Russia Commemorates Victory Day

Russia Commemorates Victory Day by Stephen Lendman May 9 marks the 71st anniversary of what Russians call the Great Patriotic War - representing victory over Nazi Germany. Commemorations honor millions of Russians killed defending the Motherland. Throughout the war, Soviet Russia, not America, was the indispensable nation. Without its enormous contribution and sacrifices, Hitler might... Continue Reading →

Greece Again Surrenders to Troika Bandits

Greece Again Surrenders to Troika Bandits by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, long-suffering Greeks suffered another body blow. Parliamentarians voted 153 to 143 for greater austerity than already, exclusively benefitting Western bankers and large investors, social justice entirely ignored. A three day anti-austerity strike featured protests and sit-ins. Large parts of Greece’s economy were shut down,... Continue Reading →

Israel Indicts Vanunu

Israel Indicts Vanunu by Stephen Lendman Israel finds ways of giving the term rogue state new meaning - former nuclear technician Mordechai Vanunu a victim of its viciousness. He’s a heroic whistleblower - 30 years ago revealing Israel was and remains nuclear armed and dangerous. He was kidnapped, beaten, drugged, secretly tried, and politically imprisoned... Continue Reading →

Russia’s Experiment with Diplomacy in Syria Failed

Russia’s Experiment with Diplomacy in Syria Failed by Stephen Lendman In mid-March, Putin announced the withdrawal of most Russian forces from Syria, saying: “I consider the objectives that have been set for the Defense Ministry to be generally accomplished. That is why I order to start withdrawal of the main part of our military group... Continue Reading →

Erdogan Family’s Ill-Gotten Wealth

Erdogan Family’s Ill-Gotten Wealth by Stephen Lendman Earlier reports said he and son Bilal amassed tens of millions of dollars from colluding with ISIS to sell stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil, along with other dubious activities. Germany’s Bild newspaper asked how he and family members amassed great wealth. His annual salary is modest, Bild saying:... Continue Reading →

NYT Endorses US-Sponsored Coup Attempt in Venezuela

NYT Endorses US-Sponsored Coup Attempt in Venezuela by Stephen Lendman The Times is a longstanding mouthpiece for wealth, power and privilege. Its record is deplorable - pro-business, anti-populist, endorsing all US wars of aggression, color revolutions and coups by other means against sovereign independent states. It denigrated Hugo Chavez throughout his tenure, calling him “a... Continue Reading →

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