Neocon Washington Post Editors Urge Get Tough on Russia and China Policy

Neocon Washington Post Editors Urge Get Tough on Russia and China Policy
by Stephen Lendman
A previous article said US media scoundrels make street whores look good by comparison – featuring managed news misinformation and Big Lies, suppressing what’s most important to report, fully and accurately.
WaPo editors rank with the worst. Their editorial policy long ago fell from grace – openly fronting for wealth, power and privilege, notoriously hawkish, militantly anti-Russia and China, most recently in their June 7 editorial, saying:
“A different kind of (iron) curtain is descending, denying billions of people…basic…freedom. No longer is it about the rise of communism, but rather the rise of despots who rule by force and coercion.” 
They highlighted Russia and China, a shameless perversion of truth, ignoring the world’s leading rogue state, none matching US lawlessness, none a greater threat to world peace.
WaPo editors lied, claiming Moscow and Beijing use “sophisticated and deceptive soft power beyond their borders…more enduring and effective than in the past” – citing no credible evidence supporting their baseless accusations.
Both countries are at peace with their neighbors, aren’t waging imperial wars, urge mutual cooperation among all nations, prioritize economic development and technological advancement.
WaPo editors wants them “counter(ed),” not for any threat they pose, solely for their sovereign independence, unwilling to bow to America’s will, become colonized and exploited.
“(B)uild powerful digital “transmitter(s) (able to) reach billions of people trapped (sic) in dictator-land (sic),” bellowed WaPo editors.
America’s global propaganda proliferates everywhere, way-outspending other countries, substituting misinformation and Big Lies for hard truths.
Media scoundrels regurgitate them, a daily onslaught of rubbish, supporting what demands denunciation.
The “heav(iest) hand of the state” is headquartered in Washington – with nationwide and global branch operations, supporting imperial lawlessness, calling naked aggression humanitarian intervention.
“The West needs to contest more vigorously (in) the battle for ideas,” WaPo editors ranted – turning truth on its head, claiming  “Russia and China (proliferate) toxic propaganda,” code language for hard truths America and its go-along media scoundrels want suppressed.
“A new presidency is a good moment to develop and launch a strategy to defend democracy (sic),” WaPo editors blustered.
A sound idea is first creating, developing, nurturing and fostering democratic governance America lacks, institutionalized tyranny running things.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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