Neocon Washington Post Editors Anti-Putin Rant

Neocon Washington Post Editors Anti-Putin Rant
by Stephen Lendman
Irresponsible US media scoundrels bash Putin relentlessly – hounding him no matter how noble his efforts.
War criminal Obama and chief accomplice Hillary Clinton as secretary of state are praised effusively – the more heinous their crimes, the more supportive the cheers.
Putin is the world’s preeminent world leader, a peace and stability champion, a human rights supporter, a defender of right over wrong – an honorable head of state, commenting on major issues forthrightly – polar opposite Obama and Hillary et al in all respects.
You’d never know it the way Western media scoundrels, notably American ones, attack his credibility, integrity, straightforwardness and dedication to resolving US-instigated conflicts in Ukraine and Syria diplomatically and fairly.
In a scathing over-the-top editorial, WaPo editors attacked him with misinformation and Big Lies – hard truths suppressed, the way all US media scoundrels operate, propaganda substituting for real journalism.
John Kerry’s so-called “sweetheart deal on Syria,” as Wa-Po editors called it, was no agreement any responsible leader would accept. They mischaracterized it this way, saying:
“The United States would grant Russia’s long-standing request to carry out joint operations against Syrian rebels deemed to be terrorists, in exchange for another Kremlin promise to restrain bombing by the regime of Bashar al-Assad in some parts of the country.”
All armed anti-government groups in Syria are terrorists. No moderate rebels exist. Kerry’s “deal” demanded overwhelmingly popular, democratically elected Bashar al-Assad step aside, US-controlled puppet rule replacing him.
Vassalage to America would replace Syrian sovereign independence. Russia would agree to let US-supported terrorists commit mass murder and other atrocities with impunity. Its anti-terrorism campaign would end. So would Syria’s liberating struggle.
Putin, of course, rejected the absurdity of a one-sided deal amounting to unconditional surrender to US imperial demands.
WaPo editors blasted his commitment to continue routing terrorists from Syria – the only way to liberate the country from its US-inflicted scourge.
Their litany of Big Lies continued, falsely claiming government forces are “systematically bombing (Aleppo’s) remaining hospitals and other medical facilities.”
They outrageously called Russia’s heroic Aleppo area humanitarian efforts a violation of “the ongoing UN-sponsored political process.”
It opened corridors to let residents leave the besieged city unharmed – militants granted impunity by laying down their arms and ceasing to wage terror-war on ordinary people.
WaPo editors disgracefully said Putin “blindsided” Obama, “just as it was when Russia dispatched its forces to Syria in September.”
What media scoundrels like neocon WaPo editors don’t explain is often what’s most important of all. I’ve gone into this numerous times before, but here goes again.
Fact: Syria is Obama’s war, using ISIS and other terrorist death squads as imperial foot soldiers.
Fact: Syria was invaded, fighters recruited from scores of countries worldwide – armed, funded and directed by CIA operatives, Pentagon contractors and similar subversive elements from other rogue states.
Fact: There’s nothing civil about war in Syria. Conflict is US-instigated naked aggression like against numerous other sovereign independent nations, wanting them all made US vassal states.
Fact: From months after conflict began, Putin went all-out for diplomatic resolution. So has Assad – unattainable because Washington, NATO, Israel and their rogue allies want endless war, Syria destroyed, Iran isolated and set up as their next target.
That’s how imperialism works, humanity’s greatest scourge. Either a way is found to defeat it or it may eliminate us all.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 

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