Trump-Bashing Democracy Now and Nation Magazine

Trump-Bashing Democracy Now and Nation Magazine
by Stephen Lendman
It’s simple finding reliable sources of news and information, minimal effort alone needed. Yet most people rely on corporate and likeminded media, pretending to be fair and unbiased – drowning out authentic, dependable, trustworthy sources everyone should rely on exclusively and ignore the rest.
Two among other great pretenders to avoid are Democracy Now and Nation magazine. Their funding sources give them away.
Former CIA official/CNN Crossfire co-host Tom Braden (1917 – 2009) once said “research…based on the work of the late Sherman Skolnick and others” shows CIA-connected so-called liberal foundations fund duplicitous alternative media like Democracy Now and Nation magazine.
The latter has been around since 1865, on many key issues betraying its founding prospectus pledge “not (to) be the organ of any party, sect or body.”
It accepts Soros and other corporate funding, permitting its editorial policy to go so far without crossing forbidden red lines like exposing 9/11 truth.
Erroneously called “the flagship of the left,” its one-sided support for war goddess Clinton over Trump alone gives it away. More on this below.
Democracy Now is the best known self-styled alternative media source. I’m asked often to give interviews. Its people know me well, once asking for my help on an issue they planned discussing on an upcoming program – yet never once inviting me on as a guest.
I cross key red lines daily they never dare. No wonder they shun me. Their corporate funders wouldn’t approve – well-known ones including Soros, the Ford Foundation, Carnegie Corporation and others like them.
Host Amy Goodman got rich serving their interests, reportedly earning $1 million annually or more. The program more accurately should be called Democracy Later, Not Now.
The Nation and Democracy Now one-sidedly bash Trump – like The New York Times and other media scoundrels. When it comes to him, they’ll all on the same page.
Nation magazine editor Katrina vanden Heuvel writes a weekly Washington Post column. She appears often on corporate TV. Earlier this year on ABC News Sunday This Week, she called Trump the Republican’s “Frankenstein with orange hair” – an over-the-top pejorative twice over.
The publication’s latest issue features four Trump-bashing articles – on his worldview, “economic fairy dust,” “setting up his next con,” and asking if he “suggest(ed) (that) Hillary should be assassinated.”
Nothing on her rage for war, racketeering through the Clinton Foundation, her emotional instability, or risk of possible nuclear war if succeeds Obama because of her militant anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Iran positions.
I once offered to write pro bono for The New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Nation magazine – no takers for obvious reasons.
Recent Democracy Now stories include Clinton “chastis(ing) Trump for using Chinese manufacturers,” “the making of Donald Trump,” alleging his “ties to the Mob and drug traffickers,” and “Donald Trump under fire after hinting gun owners could assassinate Hillary Clinton.”
This type rubbish masquerades as, reliable alternative news and opinion. A thin line separates corporate media, their likeminded NPR and PBS counterparts, the BBC and CBC, along with what too often pretends to be their polar opposites.
Make no mistake, trustworthy sources of news, information and analysis exist online and in print, easily found with minimal effort – the only ones I turn to daily, except when doing media critiques.
Why rely on rubbish serving wealth, power and privilege when it’s so easy to stay informed by following truth-telling sources. Their only agenda is full and accurate reporting on issues mattering most.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.

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