The Strategic Battle of Aleppo

The Strategic Battle of Aleppo by Stephen Lendman The outcome of war may hinge on its outcome. Prior to Obama’s aggression, Aleppo was Syria’s commercial hub and largest city. Much of it now lies in ruins, its population reduced to a small fraction of its pre-war size. Syrian forces and Russian airpower continue battling for... Continue Reading →

The Odd Couple: Russia and Turkey Allied?

The Odd Couple: Russia and Turkey Allied? by Stephen Lendman Russia under leading world peacemaker Putin and Turkey ruled by iron-fisted war-maker Erdogan hardly seem like allies for a common geopolitical cause. Hold the cheers. Don’t bet on it. Throughout Obama’s war on Syria, Erdogan has been a loyal imperial ally - supporting ISIS and... Continue Reading →

Neocons for Hillary

Neocons for Hillary by Stephen Lendman Her con game is pretending to be progressive. Her populist-sounding rhetoric is willful deception. It’s rubbish like husband Bill substituting neoliberal harshness for social justice, like the Sanders revolution that never was, proclaimed solely for vote-getting - to be arrogantly tossed aside once ensconced in office, with no apologies,... Continue Reading →

Three Damning New Reports on Hillary Clinton

Three Damning New Reports on Hillary Clinton by Stephen Lendman So much scandalous stuff about her is known, it’s just a matter of time before the next shoe drops. Instead of exposing her as unfit to serve, media scoundrels express one-sided support, focusing instead on bashing Trump, the most irresponsible denunciation of a presidential aspirant... Continue Reading →

Trump-Bashing Democracy Now and Nation Magazine

Trump-Bashing Democracy Now and Nation Magazine by Stephen Lendman It’s simple finding reliable sources of news and information, minimal effort alone needed. Yet most people rely on corporate and likeminded media, pretending to be fair and unbiased - drowning out authentic, dependable, trustworthy sources everyone should rely on exclusively and ignore the rest. Two among... Continue Reading →

ISIS: Created and Supported by America

ISIS: Created and Supported by America by Stephen Lendman Campaigning in Florida on Wednesday, Trump was incorrect but on the right track calling Obama “the founder of ISIS,” adding “I would say the co-founder would be crooked Hillary Clinton.” He claimed a power vacuum created by war on Iraq, exploited by ISIS. He needs to... Continue Reading →

Russia Foils Terrorist Attacks by US-Supported Ukraine Putschists

Russia Foils Terrorist Attacks by US-Supported Ukraine Putschists by Stephen Lendman On August 10, Tass said Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) foiled “terrorist attacks in Crimea (initiated) by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s main intelligence directorate.” An FSB statement said the plot “target(ed) critically important infrastructure…to destabilize the socio-political situation in the region as preparations for... Continue Reading →

NYT Insinuates Trump Wants Hillary Assassinated

NYT Insinuates Trump Wants Hillary Assassinated by Stephen Lendman Times anti-Trump presstitution reached a new low with an August 9 article, editorial and commentary - stuff Joseph Goebbels would have been proud to affix his name to. Its propaganda turned truth on its head, suggesting Trump wants “gun rights supporters…tak(ing) matters into their own hands”... Continue Reading →

Raging Anti-Trumpism

Raging Anti-Trumpism by Stephen Lendman It seems like the whole universe opposes him with an unprecedented daily blizzard of anti-Trump articles, commentaries and editorials in US print media and what passes in America for television news - stuff no respectable independent news director would allow on air. Make no mistake. He’s not above reproach, not... Continue Reading →

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