The Bernie Bribe for Endorsing Hillary?

The Bernie Bribe for Endorsing Hillary? by Stephen Lendman Sanders faked progressive politics throughout his deplorable public career - more opportunist than populist since elected Burlington, VT mayor in 1981. Endorsing war goddess, she-devil racketeer Hillary representing everything he campaigned against is proof positive - beyond a shadow of a doubt, as they say. Here’s... Continue Reading →

Frenemies Putin and Erdogan Mend Fences?

Frenemies Putin and Erdogan Mend Fences? by Stephen Lendman Their worldviews are ideologically apart - Erdogan an international outlaw, a thug, a major human rights violator, a wannbe sultan; Putin a man of honor, a preeminent world leader, its leading peacemaker. Yet they’re both in a position to benefit by cooperating with each other. Erdogan... Continue Reading →

The Trump Threat?

The Trump Threat? by Stephen Lendman A new Clinton ad explains much about why America’s war party fears Trump.  He calls NATO “obsolete” and may try normalizing ties with Russia for the first time since an alliance of necessity against Nazi Germany during WW II - a disaster for US warmongers like Clinton, needing adversarial... Continue Reading →

Israel Declares War on BDS Activism

Israel Declares War on BDS Activism by Stephen Lendman Israel formed a witch-hunt task force to identify, hunt down, arrest, and deport opponents of its apartheid viciousness - mainly BDS supporters and members. In a statement released last Sunday, police spokeswoman Luba al-Samri, Israeli Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri and Minister of Public Security... Continue Reading →

Media React to Trump’s Economic Proposal

Media React to Trump’s Economic Proposal by Stephen Lendman The Wall Street Journal’s deputy editorial page editor Dan Henninger loved it “on balance,” he said. More on his comments below. The one-sidedly pro-Clinton/anti-Trump media resoundingly turned thumbs down - notably The New York Times and Washington Post. According to Henninger, Trump addressed public angst over... Continue Reading →

Trump’s Economic Plan

Trump’s Economic Plan by Stephen Lendman Here’s a snapshot courtesy of Bloomberg Politics. Specifics aside, promises and fulfillment most often diverge greatly. It’s easy to propose, hard to deliver, especially when intent falls short of campaign pledges. Then there’s Congress to contend with. Even public opinion occasionally has sway - rarely, but sometimes. Ahead of... Continue Reading →

Olympism: More Politicized Tragedy and Farce Than Sport

Olympism: More Politicized Tragedy and Farce Than Sport by Stephen Lendman Hague Regulations along with Third and Fourth Geneva ban collective punishment. Applicable to armed conflicts, they have wider international humanitarian law implications. No one should be held responsible for an offense unless guilt is conclusively proved beyond a shadow of a doubt. No one... Continue Reading →

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