Obama’s Secret Birthday Bash

Obama’s Secret Birthday Bash by Stephen Lendman I haven’t had a birthday party since boyhood, except once at age 50 when my business colleagues surprised me with a lovely cake and bottle of expensive champagne after a company meeting, a memorable moment, much appreciated at the time. According to The New York Times, White House... Continue Reading →

Olympian Disgrace

Olympian Disgrace by Stephen Lendman Washington pressured the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and International Olympic Committee (IOC) to ban all Russian athletes from participating in Rio 2016 - solely for political reasons, nothing else, a reprehensible example of imperial arrogance. WADA bowed and scraped. Its commission member Canadian law professor Richard McLaren disgraced him, preparing... Continue Reading →

Rio Represents Olympism at Its Worst

Rio Represents Olympism at Its Worst by Stephen Lendman Olympism is more about hype, profiteering, and exploitation than sport at its best. This year, it resembles militarization seen in war zones with tens of thousands of soldiers, police and other security operatives infesting Rio, the site of the games - hosted by an illegitimate US-supported... Continue Reading →

Misnamed Free Trade Isn’t Fair

Misnamed Free Trade Isn’t Fair by Stephen Lendman Exploitive US-sponsored trade deals are huge job and labor rights destroyers. They circumvent national laws and sovereignty, exclusively serving investor interests at the expense of the public welfare. So-called free trade isn’t fair. It’s a license to steal, plunder, exploit, pollute, and operate unrestrained - solely for... Continue Reading →

Clinton’s Post-Convention Surge in Polls Shrinking

Clinton’s Post-Convention Surge in Polls Shrinking by Stephen Lendman Following Clinton’s surge in polls after July’s Democrat convention, anti-Trump media scoundrels practically declared the race for the nation’s highest office over. They even suggested the unprecedented notion of a duopoly nominee dropping out of the race, his party dumping him for another choice. Trump entered... Continue Reading →

Protracted US Main Street Depression Ignored

Protracted US Main Street Depression Ignored by Stephen Lendman Economic conditions for ordinary Americans are by far the worst in my lifetime since the Great Depression years of my early childhood when I was too young to understand what was happening. Government data are rigged like elections. The latest monthly jobs report out Friday hid... Continue Reading →

Phony US Claims of Russian Troops Provocatively Massed on Ukraine’s Border

Phony US Claims of Russian Troops Provocatively Massed on Ukraine’s Border by Stephen Lendman Big Lies repeated enough get most people to believe them. That’s how propaganda works - disinformation drowning out hard truths. Ever since Washington replaced Ukraine’s democratically elected government in February 2014 with Nazi-infested putschists, Russia was irresponsibly accused invading its territory,... Continue Reading →

Jill Stein’s Progressive Bill of Rights

Jill Stein’s Progressive Bill of Rights by Stephen Lendman The horror of dirty business as usual continuing whether Clinton or Trump succeeds Obama should arouse a groundswell of activism for progressive change. The choice is easy, a no-brainer, as they say - between oligarch rule, endless wars, neoliberal harshness and tyranny v. a nation at... Continue Reading →

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