Rage in Rio

Rage in Rio by Stephen Lendman Held during dire economic times amidst massive corruption scandals, the Rio 2016 XXXI Olympiad began with a bang, its flamboyant opening ceremony blackened by justifiable street rage.  Sponsored by an illegitimate US-supported coup d’etat regime, the event’s dark side was exposed before competition began. Russia’s entire track and field... Continue Reading →

We’re All Syrians Now

We’re All Syrians Now by Stephen Lendman Syria’s struggle against US imperial ruthlessness is ours. After nearly five-and-a-half years of Obama’s war, the fate of the nation and region hang in the balance. Defeating Washington’s rogue agenda is crucial. Letting it colonize Syria means Iran is next - Russia and China the ultimate targets, the... Continue Reading →

Fabricated Homeland Security Report on ISIS

Fabricated Homeland Security Report on ISIS by Stephen Lendman Fear-mongering in America has been intense since the 9/11 mother of false flag attacks - state-sponsored terror, falsely blamed on convenient patsies.  Later the same day I told my brother “they’re drinking champagne in the White House tonight.” Concerned about what would follow, who could have... Continue Reading →

The New York Times v. Trump

The New York Times v. Trump by Stephen Lendman The Times one-sidedly supports Hillary, a virtual monster I’ve described in the most unflattering, honest, no-holds-barred terms. At the same time, it’s leading an anti-Trump jihad, its front page a daily blizzard of disparaging articles - blasting whatever he does or doesn’t do, blowing things way... Continue Reading →

Chelsea Manning: Victim of US Viciousness

Chelsea Manning: Victim of US Viciousness by Stephen Lendman Just societies honor heroic figures like Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning for exposing US crimes of war and against humanity - victims of US imperial ruthlessness. I’ve written numerous times about her ordeal before. America punishes its best, honors its worst, mocks peace, equity and justice. I... Continue Reading →

What Countries Will Hillary Attack if Anointed US President

What Countries Will Hillary Attack if Anointed US President? by Stephen Lendman It’s terrifying to consider what actions an emotionally unstable neocon leader may do as US president, a notorious war hawk, a Wall Street tool beholden solely to powerful monied interests controlling her and husband Bill. She’s militantly anti-Russia, anti-China, anti-Iran, anti-peace and stability.... Continue Reading →

Hillary: Humanity’s Greatest Scourge

Hillary: Humanity’s Greatest Scourge by Stephen Lendman If she were male and grew a funny-looking mustache to go with her scowl when cameras aren’t running, resembling that other guy with delusions of grandeur way back, the whole world would rally to combat the menace she represents. At times, I feel like a lonely warrior for... Continue Reading →

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