Media Scoundrels for Hillary

Media Scoundrels for Hillary by Stephen Lendman Never before in US history was media coverage so outrageously biased for one presidential candidate over the other. It’s so bad, it’s surreal, character assassination posing as journalism.  Veteran pollster Pat Caddell calls it a “terrifying crisis in democracy” - promoting Hillary while relentlessly bashing Trump, inventing reasons... Continue Reading →

The Kerry/Lavrov Show’s Record of Futility

The Kerry/Lavrov Show’s Record of Futility by Stephen Lendman Both ministers met numerous times since Kerry took over at State from Hillary on February 1, 2013. Last March, Lavrov said both men met 18 times in the past year alone, more discussions held since then, including Friday in Geneva, focusing largely on Syria. Like all... Continue Reading →

Failure in Geneva to Resolve Obama’s War on Syria

Failure in Geneva to Resolve Obama’s War on Syria by Stephen Lendman When diplomats says talks were constructive they mean failure to achieve what’s most important. Countless hours of US/Russia face-to-face and telephonic talks on Syria’s conflict preceded Friday’s Kerry/Lavrov session in Geneva - yet irreconcilable differences remain between both sides. Endless war rages because... Continue Reading →

NYT Reinvents Obama’s War on Syria

NYT Reinvents Obama’s War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Disgracefully calling Obama’s naked aggression against a nonbelligerent nation civil war denigrates millions of long-suffering Syrians - victims of US imperial viciousness. Headlining Syria’s Paradox: Why the War Only Ever Seems to Get Worse,” The Times reinvented one of history’s greatest crimes - besides numerous others... Continue Reading →

Turkey Announces Indefinite Occupation of Northern Syria

Turkey Announces Indefinite Occupation of Northern Syria by Stephen Lendman Indefinite means permanent unless redefined. After invading northern Syria on Wednesday, backed by US warplanes and hundreds of terrorist fighters, along with CIA and special forces operatives on the ground, Ankara expanded its aggression with more troops and heavy weapons - perhaps still more to... Continue Reading →

More on Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Scandal

More on Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Scandal by Stephen Lendman As secretary of state from January 2009 - February 2013, Hillary focused mainly on waging war and selling influence, she and husband Bill becoming super-rich by corrupt pay-to-play practices. On August 24, AP News provided more information on how she operates, saying “(m)ore than half the people... Continue Reading →

Dubious UN Report Claiming Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons

Dubious UN Report Claiming Syrian Use of Chemical Weapons by Stephen Lendman A new UN Secretary-General report on use of chemical weapons in Syria appears more like pro-Western propaganda than legitimate analysis. Throughout years of conflict, Syria repeatedly was accused of crimes it didn’t commit - evidence later showing US-backed terrorists were responsible.  No evidence... Continue Reading →

Diplomats Talk While Syrians Die

Diplomats Talk While Syrians Die by Stephen Lendman Earlier peace talks aimed at conflict resolution were stillborn - a waste of time accomplishing nothing.  Endless Sergey Lavrov/John Kerry meetings on Syria achieved nothing substantive toward resolving intractable positions on both sides. Both men are in Geneva for another round of talks on Friday. Pro-Western UN... Continue Reading →

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